Injury UPDATE!

For the last two days, I’ve been in a lot of pain. Last week (Sunday) I aggravated an injury that was already there (without me knowing). I’ve gone for some active release treatments trying to east the disk back into place and get the muscles to stop swelling (because that also puts pressure on the disk). But I haven’t been in this much pain since the Sunday it first started. I’m worried about the tournament I’m not going to lie. I mean, its just a BJJ tourney and there are going to be a bunch others from now until they slow down but I trained hard for a Canada VS the USA tourney in Reno Nevada. I wanted to box with a girl I’ve grappled before. BUT like any sport there was some conflict due to politics between her coach and another coach, which meant they weren’t participating. MEANING there was no one my size, which was a waste for me to go.

SO I thought well I will use my strength training, and see where my jiu jits is and go into the Joslins for the first time in probably two or three years. Then I was 95lbs, competing in a weight class that really had any girl that wished to compete. NOW I’m almost 114lbs, and was ready to go with the strength to back up my technique.

I just continued to train hard because it was good motivation to stick with some of the work outs Coach Marini has me doing. And made getting punched in the face worth it at Edges. I mean if I can keep a good mind in those work outs, then a BJJ tourney would be a walk in the park and just FUN!

BUT now, me competing is now up in the air, because my neck was so extremely sore the last two days. I had pain shooting up my neck (on the left side) down and around my shoulder blade, and some what near my chest. I couldn’t look to my left at all, to my right I could to a point, looking down forget it, up wasn’t too bad. The worst is I have short hair and I couldn’t even really blow dry and straighten my hair…  I’m getting it cut and coloured Thursday anyways then corn rowed on Friday by Rebecca (she does an awesome job)!. So I wont have to worry about it for the weekend.

I went for a treatment today and told Lisa that I had numbness in my arm and hand again, and I was in a lot of pain so she worked on me even harder this time around. My neck isn’t as stiff after the treatment today. Still hurts though, but not the pain I was in the last 2 days. I mean I even took some T3’s and I’m not one to take pills, I usually try and stick it through without any meds. But after work on Sunday I just couldn’t do it (forget it), I was at that point you know?

n552215766_334837_13171I’ve been a bit down about not competing if it came down to that, luckily I have a great people who have brought up my spirits with their kind messages. My coach was pretty inspirational (a side we never see) and he said to me:

“Hey Chris
don’t get discouraged. I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason. I have had similar things wrong with my back and it can be very scary but I have been able to almost get passed it. You may need to train differently for the next while like I did in order to cope with the pain. I have been going through this for 2 years. It can get better and you will be able to focus on other things that will help you later. Time is on your side their will always be other tournaments and other events. All that training will only help you for next time if you cant compete this weekend. No matter how bad the pain someone else is in more. So we need to learn to live with it and do the best we can. I understand all to well what your going thru. If it gets really bad and you cant wrestle then you can maybe work on your boxing or hand pads or foot work. Keep your head up and remember this is all part of the game, its a tough sport and we take the good with the bad.”

And it really got my thinking back in check because he’s right, it could be so much worse then what it is. And I’m pretty fortunate because if you think about it I’ve been in wresting and jiu jitsu for 8 years all together AND in those 8 years I’ve had a dislocated shoulder, hyper extended arm, sprained back, and now my bulged disk. I know it sounds like a lot, BUT for me being between 95-113lbs during these 8 years, ALWAYS competing with bigger people, always training with bigger people, always sparring with bigger people (mostly men too) I should really have maybe a few more injuries. SO he’s right, and it could be worse and I’m lucky it is what it is.

If I decide to compete it will be posted Friday or Saturday. But if I decide not to, the next competition is going to be that much worse for the women I go against. I’m hungry these days, not hungry to fight, or to hurt anyone. I’m hungry to compete to get in there and have the adrenalin flowing through my body, have someone challenge me and see how I figure out that challenge you know?

PLUS with this injury I’ve been dealing with a lot emotionally, things are starting to pick away at me on the inside, and its hard for picture-065me to step away from that and check it at the gym door. During my work outs I’m constantly thinking about stuff, and when I’m doing my cardio on the treadmill I’m losing myself in thoughts of what’s going on, and certain people.  Its hard putting your heart into training when you have so much more going on, I can’t imagine what these “professional” fighters go through.

I had to clear my thoughts, and usually a walk does that. Simon and I were looking up something online and we came across this story about a spot near Sydenham Rd that is haunted. The story was kind of creepy but interesting, so we set out to find this spot. We run Sydenham Rd now and then and if you haven’t seen the Rd, its this huge road that is all up hill. A great work out that should only take you 5- 10 minutes to run up but feels like forever. Your legs, calf’s, quads will all hate you when you get to the top of this hill.

Anyways, while we were looking for this spot (which we found), we stumbled across some of the bruce trail that was amazing. Took us to this waterfall that kind of reminded me of the Devils Bunch Bowl (but a smaller version).

picture-132While walking we came across a lot of snakes, I’ve never seen so many snakes on a hike. I think we counted seven or so. I was reassured they were garner snakes and I shouldn’t worry, but when your walking and they start to scatter at times it makes you jump (well makes me jump).

It was a really warm day today for it being November and all, I mean really think about it felt like a spring or early summer day and we are one month away from December! Its weird, but I love fall its my favorite season, and when its decent and warm I’m not going to complain. My neck didn’t really bother me on the walk until I wiped out going down this little hill; I slipped on some mud and fell right back jerking my head. Luckily I used my break fall to… well break my fall and I didn’t end up smashing my head off the ground I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have felt pretty. I could help but laugh after!



~ by Christina Sears on November 5, 2008.

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