Bulged Disk.. in my neck…. :(

So, it’s been a few days, and really no report from me about training. I did go to boxing on Sunday and absolutely got owned. Not really owned I guess, I was working on getting to the inside and I ate a lot of punches in doing so, but you live and learn right. Christine came out to the boxing on Sunday which excited me, literally wanted to cream my pants (well maybe not that far) BUT close to it.

I told her to come out and work with different people, and with most of these guys doing it because THEY want to fight it makes to be some good sparring. She liked it I think for the most part I really hope she comes out more. I mean I would love to have her as a training partner, she can learn from me and I can learn from her and then we can wreck people (I thought it sounded like a good plan)!

Moving on… after sparring on Sunday, I was in quite the pain. It seems that my entire left side went numb at first I thought it could be a pinched nerve, but the pain was just to bad to be a pinched nerve it obviously had to be something else. So instead of waiting hours on end in a hospital I simply called my Active Release doctor and set up an appointment. Went in Monday, and told him what happened he assessed the problem and said that I have bulged my C4/C5 disk in my neck… Sounds painful eh? Well what was more painful was him working on it, literally brought me to tears but I mean he comes HIGHLY recommended and he really helped me with my back so I know it’s worth it.

He said it won’t be a problem to fix it and they were going to do some “aggressive” treatments so I can still compete at the Joslin’s tourney on November 9th. Which is good, I mean I have been training hard this entire time and it gave me something to train for other then trying to own the guys at Edges (just kidding guys)! So, I didn’t train Monday or Tuesday, after the treatment it felt like my body went through a wall, and my neck was still pretty stiff PLUS he didn’t want me getting crunched or anything if my neck is forced to my chest (like if someone did a “can opener” on me) I’d be fucked and starting from square one plus being in the pain I was in on Sunday. Wednesday I felt a bit better and just worked with Christine on what she felt she needed work in.

I also grappled with this other girl (can’t remember her name) but she’s new to Hamilton School of Martial Arts, she use to train at Nexus (another club not to far from Hamilton) and I think I broke her spirits a little bit. The first time I rolled with her I wanted to see how aggressive she was and what she was all about. Usually when women come into the grappling or jiu jitsu they are doing it for all the wrong reasons and I think make women who actually want to be there look stupid. They feed into the stereotype sometimes of women in the sport. You know the ones that come in and just pretty much dry hump anything with a penis… (So annoying)!

BUT anyways the first time I rolled with her I think I shocked her she’s the same weight as Christine and when they rolled it was a bit more equal so I think she figured when she went with me (since lets be honest I don’t look like much) she figured “awe easy round” and I really don’t think it was for her. Since then she doesn’t want to roll with Christine and I and you can just tell. Which is stupid because there aren’t very many females so you should USE the ones that are there to get better (or am I wrong?)

Regardless, when we were grappling Wednesday there were even people so there was no odd person out, I went with Christine in the first round, and then the second round I went with the Nexus Chick. I was more so looking to work my wrestling take downs and what not and I felt like I was grappling and taking down a 10 year old. She was way more aggressive, and felt stronger the 1st time I rolled with her and this time around it was retarded. She then starting telling me her knee hurt and I said “you want to keep going? Are you okay” and she was like “yeah yeah”. So whatever we kept going, then the round was over and the next round her and I were paired up again, and she then was talking about her knee and when I said well rest this round she didn’t’ hesitate and did so. THE next round her and Christine were paired up, and she then asked me to go to the washroom and took her time. So I went

with Christine instead.

Someone over heard her saying she doesn’t like us very much, which is fine! Then I was rolling with her Wednesday I was trying to help out her game a bit and she was just rolling her eyes at me (which made me angry) so I was like “fuck it” and didn’t bother and just did my thing worked on what I needed too.

Hmm what else,


“The man of steel” finally got his pins out Monday, which is good he’s hoping to fight on the M.F.C’s February card and he’s already been back into training trying to figure out what he can do until his thumb is strong again. It didn’t take long for him to get back on that horse (I knew it wouldn’t). He’s a pretty determined person and I’m sure he’s going to be that much stronger in February! Hopefully I can be there cage side to watch his next fight (it is my birthday not to long before his fight sooooooooo *hint hint*) ha-ha!

I just confirmed that I will be in London November 14th-15th for the Michael Bisbing Seminar that is being held out there. I’m going to be covering the event and most likely try and get some training in (there are some great places out there to train). Should be interesting interviewing Bisbing, going to be honest not a complete FAN of his I obviously respect the guy, for what he does as I do anyone who can get in there but something about him rubs me the wrong way. Maybe this interview will allow me to see another side of the guy and what not. I can’t wait to meet the people that will be training out there, people throwing the event, its going to be a good time I’m sure.



~ by Christina Sears on October 31, 2008.

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