… and then the tears came!

I can’t say that I enjoyed my work out today at Crossfit! I did two different circuits; one was more for strength the other was conditioning.

The first part of my work out involved Zercher Squats with the bag, an exercise with the elastic band, and dips, which were all to help in certain areas I’m a bit weak in. The Zercher Squats are supposed to help my take downs, being able to get my hips under someone and lift them when I’m shooting in. The Dips are going to help with my strength to push people off of me, and the elastic band work out is to help with my single and double leg take downs.

My legs didn’t feel tired from the Zercher Squats and the bag, like I said before, is feeling lighter and lighter every time. But my back was a bit sore, which kind of worried me. I wasn’t sure if it was more muscle sore… or like the pain I had before when it was sprained. But I did think maybe it was all in my head, like I was just giving myself a reason to quit, so I tried to push though it as much as possible. I figured if it was sore like when I sprained it, my back would tap before I did… and if it was just muscle sore I’d be able to push my fat ass through it.

I had to do 4 rounds of those three things, with a minute or so rest between rounds. NORMALLY I’m not allowed ANY rest, but since the next part of my work out which was for conditioning was so rough, I was allowed this one time.

10 Zercher Squats

10 Elastic Band Pulls

12 Dips

With the Squats I really tried to pump out more then five at a time, I remember when I was first doing them I was only doing one at a time, the bag was to heavy to lift more then that. AND after I was lifting it up I was just dropping it instead of squatting back down. NOW I was able to pick it up and squat it 5 times in a row before taking a breather and shaking out my body.  Obviously by the last set, my back was tensing up a bit, making it hard to even do the five but as much as I wanted to stop it was my last set, so I tried to push as much as possible.

The elastic bands were good, by the last set it seemed like I couldn’t even pull that band, I closed my eyes and pictured being on the mat not to much time left and I need this take down, I need to fight for it and run through the girl. So that’s what I did, I also tried to make sure my shoulder was turned over (no slacking). My back was tensing even worse through this, I was getting worried but it was just muscle sore, it was annoying and stiff BUT nothing compared to when I sprained it.

Dips… well this time around like the last work out I used a thin elastic band under my knees, I know some may view this as the “bitch way” of doing things, however I look at it as training my body to get use to it. When I can bust out twelve without stopping eventually I will take off the band and aimed for higher reps. SO my goal was to just push them out regardless of how tired my arms were. I noticed that if I did them slow it was a lot worse then just pumping them out (who would have “thunk” it?)!

I had to do that circuit for … four rounds! Not too shabby!

My next circuit was

12 sprawls

12 Knees to Elbows on the rope


As you all know (if you’ve read my blog before) I’m not a fan of using the rower, I HATE rowing! Well I just found a new hatred and that is rope climbing. I wasn’t climbing the rope I was doing knees to elbows on it (which maybe is worse). Who am I kidding clearly climbing an entire rope is worse and I’m just being a pussy BUT seriously, my hands aren’t use to the rope so when I was pulling myself up and getting my knees to my elbow I could feel my skin RIPPING on the rope. There are probably pieces of my skin on that rope.

The sprawls were good, I wasn’t tired by doing them I think I could sprawl all day, apparently according to Coach Marini I have a hard sprawl and it sounded like I was pissed at the floor by the way my knees were driving down to the mat. I didn’t notice because I was too busy listening and losing myself in my IPod. I did the first round, and as the rounds went on I could feel myself slipping. My hands hurt from the climbing and gripping. So much, that I actually broke into a rage and freaked out and then I started to cry (yes real tears) as I was sprawling (which I tried to slow down to recover my hands) the tears were just sliding down my cheeks and dripping onto the mat. As soon as I got to the rope my eyes filled up with tears and I cried as I was pulling myself up.

I got to round five and I remember Coach Marini yelling at me “your half way there, don’t quit, your almost there.” But man I really wanted to quit I don’t even know why I continued my hands started to get raw and stiff by the seventh round I would get off the rope and pace and then start to sprawl the tears still running down my face and Coach Marini yelling at me counting down the rounds. He put some grip cream on my hands which he thought might help a bit, and it did a smidge but my fingers were just ripping apart. At some point through the rounds I freaked out as I was sprawling saying something like:



I don’t remember much, I was just so angry. I have the heart for the sport, to get in there and maybe not like getting punched or banged up but I will, and I am pretty sure I’ll enjoy every second of every round even if I’m on the bad end. BUT I hate training like that. I hate it because a part of me feels like no matter what I do weight will always be a factor, I’m always going to be the smallest and there will never be anyone my weight. I really do feel however, when and IF I get to fight someone my weight, I’m going to run right through them like a freight train in a hurry! Simon and I joke that I’ll be the “Sherk” of my division! HAHA! That would be wicked! But whatever something is there, which is why I do it. I can’t explain the drive its just there, as much as I DON’T want to do what I’m doing in training and how frustrating it can be I’m still there and I still do it. Weird EH?!

Last round, I knew in my head I wanted this round to be good, I wanted to just pump it all out and get done! I sprawled as fast and as hard as I could, dreading that after the 12th rep I had to get back on that rope for 12 knees to elbows. Coach Marini was in my ear the entire time counting it out, encouraging me to keep pushing, telling me “last round, lets go, last round” after the 12th sprawl I put my hands on that rope got that grip the tears stopped and were dried on my face and I grunted out 12 knees to elbows I think only stopping maybe once to re-grip.

After that I laid on the mat, my hands were red and raw, right away Coach Marini went and had some cold water running in the change room for me to stick my hands under, and man I never thought could water could feel as great as it did on my hands. My hands were so stiff, and sore I don’t think they really felt normal until just before Edge’s.

I noticed when I got home from the gym that not only did I have mat burn on my knees from those sprawls BUT I had a bruise that was starting on my left knee from the sprawls! HAHA Wow I must have really been hitting them hard on the ground that’s craziness. GOOD thing in grappling and what not I have knee pads on!

My body was aching after Crossfit, I went home and had a bite to eat! I love eating melon after my work outs, or some kind of fresh fruit. Mostly melons after training. Protein shakes, don’t sit right in my system, and neither do most foods after a work out. BUT when I eat cold fresh fruit I feel great. So I cut up a bowl of watermelon, cut up an entire half and it was SO good. Usually I have strawberries or cantaloupe with it but I just had a craving for the watermelon. It really took my thirst away too!

I tried to nap a bit before Edges, did some what but not much. Mostly on the way TO Edges, I caught a quick little nap.

So it’s Friday, which means at Cutting Edge we work on our wrestling and MMA! Which usually means Christina gets punched in the face A LOT (no mercy from ANYONE)!

It was a small class, it was Bill, Edge, Myself, Jay, & Dawson! Me being the smallest compared to Edge who was the second smallest at like 155 (ha-ha)!

Needless to say I knew I was in for a really rough night, especially with my body as sore as it was from earlier in the day. We worked on a lot of stuff from the single leg and from the back which was good mostly review. And then we did 5 minute rounds and it was a round robin everyone being able to sit out once!

I don’t know who was worse out of them, they were either really heavy or just raining down punches. Man I felt like shit kind of, like I felt so stupid I couldn’t’ believe how shitty I felt. I wasn’t like cardio tired just muscle tired sometimes I just wanted to lay there and eat the punches instead of bothering with anything. I think the only good thing was I almost choked Dawson out with a gogo-plata. BUT the time was up (go figure)!

I couldn’t wait to get home, snag a bite to eat and curl up with a movie and just relax. Today was terrible, I just hope its worth it.. Sometimes I think I’ll never get my chance by my heart still has hope which keeps my body going I suppose.



~ by Christina Sears on October 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “… and then the tears came!”

  1. GOOD WORK, you seem really dedicated, im really curious, because i really wanna get into MMA, WHERE DO YOU TRAIN? is it a MMA place? (or like, muay thai, wrestling,jiu jitsu etc) and whats the pricing like for whatever gear id need to purchase/monthly-annual fee?


  2. Just stumbled across yor blog. Nice work. Keep it up. Im an X-fitter myself. If you havent seen it yet, http://rosstraining.com/ is another good combat fitness program.


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