Working back up!

Went and met up with the drill sergeant today at Crossfit! It’s coming down to crunch time and I still haven’t found my motivation to train. I mean I don’t mind rolling and getting in there and getting banged up BUT the strength training and what not, my mind isn’t there. I guess I have one thing going for me; I’m not cutting weight like some people are for this tourney!

I’m pretty much just competing to see where everything is at. I could careless if I come in last place or win a belt in first place it doesn’t matter to me. My sights are set a bit higher, I have other challenges I want to approach head on. And I’ve been training a different way for six months now! I’ve been training 3-4x’s a week and 3 of those days are 2 a days.  And trust me, I’m being pushed especially by my personal drill sergeant as a trainer when I’m doing my strength and conditioning. Then there is Cutting Edge where the guys have no problem punching me in the face, and really putting the pressure on for me to be great, they are encouraging me to push through everything which is good.

Training at HSMA also gives me a chance to roll with different people, and they have like two girls there that are 135ish so it helps me out to even get some rolling experience with some females.

SO, about today’s work out I did those Zercher Squats! And in 2 or so weeks that I’ve been doing them I finally went 5 squats with that bag before putting it down. Where a few weeks ago I was doing it one at a time so I’m pretty proud of that. I feel like the bag is getting lighter every time I do it. Eventually I will have to use my grip and pick it up off the ground instead of lifting it from the boxes. I noticed a difference in my stand up when grappling. I do stand up with Christine because she’s around the weights of the girls I’ll be competing against (135lbs)! And I always tell her to choke me if my head is low, and sprawl my face to the mat I’m on her about being aggressive. And she’s been doing just that. SO I was at HSMA training today and we grappled most of the class which was wicked. Christine and I both started from standing, and I just tried to move her around and shoot I felt very strong even though I only completed a few of the take downs I went for. It’s better then never completing any (which was happening because my strength wasn’t there).

I also did the 45lb plate on my chest and pressing it off as if I was getting out of side mount (or mount). And I’ve been doing that for a few weeks now too, and I’ve noticed a difference when I was rolling tonight. I think I use the “machine gun” mount pass Edge showed me and I was SUCCESSFUL with it. Usually I just don’t have the strength to do it.  Coach Marini thinks by the time November 9th rolls around I should feel a lot stronger so we will see what happens!

What else did I do… god I’m so tired and sore I don’t remember!!!

OH yeah, I also had to do 12 sprawls in my circuit today, I pretended like there was someone in front of me and I made sure I was sprawling and trying to move around instead of doing straight sprawls. I feel tired when I do sprawls in a circuit BUT in a match, my god my sprawls are good, in high school I knocked a girl out with a sprawl and she was a weight class above me. No one was in my weight class and I trained hard for that city championship SO I went a weight class above me and won it in the 47.5kg weight class (because there was no one) AND then again in the 52kg weight class! My sprawls have gotten A LOT better with the help of Edge, he cleaned it up a bit, and pointed out a few things and it’s helped me a lot.

Then I had to do pull ups with the climbing rope. I had to pull my body right up, so what I ended up doing was getting my knees to my elbows with my pull up that way I couldn’t cheat myself. The rope was ripping apart my hand, I would reach up and get a grip go to pull myself up and I could feel the rope just tearing into my hands.

Coach Marini added dips and this thing with a thick band. The dips are going to help me in a lot of ways, but I have to get stronger with them. I did the dips today with a thin band under my knees. Most would say that’s the “bitch” way of doing things but I just looked at it as training wheels. I have to build up the strength there before I can do it on my own, and that’s what I’m going to do. I heard dips are normally hard for women to do, because apparently women don’t have much upper body strength. I’m going to make sure I’m NOT LIKE OTHER WOMEN!

THEN the exercise with the other band was pretty neat. It simulates taking a single leg; I have this thick band on my fore arm with my hands gavel gripped. I stretch the band out so it’s already resisting before I even do the exercise and I make sure whatever side I’m doing that shoulder lines up with the opposite knee. After a few sets of 10 you really start to feel it. And I noticed a difference with my single legs and high crotch take downs by doing that.

SO as much as my heart isn’t into doing the training, its working, and Coach Marini has broken down some of my game and made some specific circuits for me to do FOR THAT!

I have some great people really rooting for me, Simon and I were joking around and saying if I progress into MMA, with always being the smallest and doing all this extra stuff to be bigger, and stronger I’m going to be a mini-er Sherk! But it’s good to hear people say that I inspire them and what not. It makes me feel a bit better because with being the size that I am believe me its hard to stay focused. My team has been really great keeping me on track and putting me in my place when I’m slacking. Edge & Coach Marini have been really patient with me when I say “I can’t” they are like “what do you mean you can’t…” and then just PUSH!

I trained at HSMA tonight too, worked a lot with Christine, none of the guys really like rolling with me I’m always left out there. The other girl that now goes there, Chrissy I think her name is she doesn’t seem to want to roll with Christine OR myself. This is fine, to each her own! But I felt really strong I feel ready, deep down I feel ready. I can’t wait for my boxing to be a lot better I would love to get in there and try and do some MMA! Not that I like being punched, and cut open but I mean it’s a challenge and I would love to step up and take a challenge like that! Put all this work on the table and just do it!


A Month into Crossfit Training May 2008

3 Months into Crossfit Training (August 2008)

5 Months of Crossfit Training (October 2008)

hey I took some pictures of what I look like since I started Crossfit, but I think I look a bit smaller then the last picture I took. But I did take a month off because of the death of my Grandfather was on my mind and a lot of other things I was going through emotionally. But regardless its all a work in progress!

But I have gotten a lot bigger in the 6 months I’ve been doing these work outs and doing my weight training! I think I’ve gained almost 10 pounds of muscle, and being 4’11 I think that’s a lot! So I’m pretty proud of that and I owe my trainers for that and appreciate their help.


18 More Days until Joslin’s


~ by Christina Sears on October 23, 2008.

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