I haven’t written about my training in awhile, partly because I’ve just been so worn out maybe not from training but from just things in my life right now. BUT I still have been training regardless.

So things that happen recently… hmm… lets see!

Well first things first, I got to interview Sarah Kaufman she will be fighting November 8th on an Elite XC card. I didn’t really know much about her so I decided to research her a bit and like every fighter out there the first place I type her name in a search was Sherdog. I see that she’s from Victoria BC, 5’5, 135lbs (is what she fights at), then get to her record and I was like “WOWAHH!!” Seriously I was blown away with the 7-0 record ALLLLLLL of them being won via TKO! So then I took step two, and I know all fighters do this, I went into YouTube and searched her name in there, and sure enough fight footage comes up. And I watched one bout and my jaw was for sure on the ground. This girl is tough, and she really gives it her all out there. So the questions were being typed up like crazy, I had so many things I wanted to ask!

I called her up at the gym she trains and works at Zuma, and this bubbly voice answers… I ask for Sarah and sure enough it’s her. She was in the middle of a Kickboxing class so I gave her a shout back a half hour later. The more I thought about talking her, the more I wanted to ask the more I wrote down to mention!

SO I called her back and we chatted for a good maybe half hour or so, got some really great questions in there, talked about a lot of things! She’s looking for sponsorships, so I’m hoping she gets them! I mean seriously 7-0 record, now she’s looking to make her name in the USA… someone should DEFINITELY jump on that opportunity.


Umm, been training with Simon on a few things, he’s got me doing this one drill (well part of my work out really) with a 45lbs weight, and I have it on my chest and then I pop my hips up and lift the 45lbsd plate with my hands (simulating getting someone off me when they are in side mount) and then I roll to whatever side after I pop the weight up and over my shoulder to simulate hopefully RE-ROLLING the chick/dude and getting a better position. I really, REALLY thought this was a great idea, very sports specific for me and it showed me that he’s paying attention to detail. He looks at when I roll and see’s where I need work and then works on it with me to make me a wee bit stronger in that area. AND for anyone who knows me, they know whenever I go into a BJJ tourney the weight classes are so F*CKED no matter whose TOURNAMENT it is, and I’m always the smallest… I mean there isn’t even someone at 115lbs, OH NO its more like 145lbs,  a few times 160lbs (F*CKING retarded eh?)! SO yeah when they are on top of me like that sometimes I can’t do anything because WEIGHT has always been the factor between me and them. I WOULD KILL TO SEE WHAT I WOULD BE LIKE ROLLING WITH SOMEONE MY SIZE!! I’d feel sorry for the other girl for sure…!

Another thing we have been drilling in my work outs is Zercher squats with that TKO bag (which must weight maybe 75lbs or more). At first I’ll be honest it sucked, I felt so weak. I mean I was squatting well over my body weight, and I still felt weak with these types of squats. AND it’s because I’m holding the thing in front of me and I have to keep it there while I explode up and then Simon wants me to squat it more then once before I put it down, I think I got up to 3x’s. So I pick it up and instead of dropping it right away I try and squat it as many times as I can before dropping it, eventually I want to do a full 10 and not drop it. I’m not a fan of them, but I mean I get why he puts them in there when he can!

Wednesday I trained with Christine, I helped her with some of her stand up for the Joslin’s tourney, she said she was going to compete in the grappling so I wanted to get her ready and work with her a bit more.  She’s got potential and the dedication is obviously there, but I learned the hard way how much more work is needed when you’re a female, because you don’t get regular “your size” opponents and you have to be ready for that, MOST people sandbag, another thing you have to prepare yourself for. Joslin’s is a big tourney, and there is a LOT of different competitors, and styles, and I just want her to feel confident, ready, hungry, and aggressive. I don’t want her to get eaten alive. I felt like maybe I wasn’t warned and that was one of my first tournaments when I started, and let me tell you (like I told her) I got an ass whooping like you wouldn’t believe. And when I competed I was 95lbs (so A LOT lighter then the weight class)!

HSMA hasn’t really focused much on stand up (unless it’s judo) so I showed her some of the stuff that I was brushing up with at Edges with my wrestling. It helped me break it down so I can be more technical AND I’m hoping it helps her at the tournament. We went over a proper double leg take down, how to defend it, I showed her an effective sprawl, where to hold the head, where to put the pressure! I showed her a single leg take down, how to counter it! I really wanted her to work she’s like 135lbs or so, and there is NO reason for me to get the better of her, she’s strong when she wants to be, and I want her to put that weight on me, that pressure on USE WHAT YOU HAVE! If anything I’ve learned that, USE what you have because that WILL be one of your greatest weapons.


So when we were rolling I was really trying to make her work, I wasn’t about to submit her I used her working to make me move from different position and try different things, and had her try and think about what she was doing, and we didn’t start on the ground as usual, I made sure we started standing and I was helping her a lot. It was a really good training day with her. I appreciated her time, and the fact she wants to get better, because she has so much talent its there she’s just got to be hungry!  PLUS once she gets that, she and I can help each other out NON stop, which would be fantastic!

Friday at Edges was good, I need to be more aggressive myself (according to Edge) which I can see sometimes, BUT with him like, I know he’s good and I find myself paying attention to what he’s doing so I can maybe use it somewhere when I roll later with someone else then actually paying attention to what I’m doing. BUT I’ve got to move more and punch more when I’m doing mma, so that’s what I’m going to work on.

HOWEVER it was good rolling with Merz, I wanted to play top game and since Edge had a fresh person on every minute I figured I had a minute to hold this guy down (who is super strong). And in my head I pictured it being the last minute of an MMA match and I just tried to hold my mount while throwing down some punches at his head. I thought I held my mount pretty good and got some good shots in there. Rolling with him tho I bashed my knee, and last week I did the same thing (and I wasn’t wearing my knee pads) and it swelled up and brused pretty good, and I hit the tender spot of the bruse (and I was wearing knee pads) and MAN it hurt like a bitch. BUT gotta suck it up!

Rolled with Meisel, who like Edge isn’t scared to put the pressure on even if that means popping me in the face with some crisp punches to wake my ass up on the mat. AND that’s what he did. I played top game with him and side control, trying to hold my positions best I can. Punched him as much as I could, moves as well as I could for having someone of his size on top of me. And it was good. He said I’m punching harder, and I feel stronger so that was good to hear. I mean training with some of these guys (well most of them at Cutting Edge) it’s not easy. I mean every guy brings something to the table which is great when you’re preparing for a fight, but it sucks sometimes too.

And for me going in there with the guys as good as they are and being able to just hold my own is huge for me. BUT whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger right? Eventually I’ll get my time, have someone my size, and then I’ll be like the “Sean Sherk” of my division (laughing)!




~ by Christina Sears on October 17, 2008.

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