3 work outs in 1 day…

Friday is yet another day, I woke up and had some stuff to deal with, but I managed to keep a straight head. It’s been a week of a lot of downs and sleepless late nights. I probably cried enough tears to fill an ocean if I could. So today was a much better day then the rest of the week.

I met Coach Marini at the gym where he was having a cat nap in his car (he always has to get in a nap if not he’s pretty cranky)! I was ready to train today, I felt mentally good.

We headed over to Crossfit and as I got changed Coach Marini was planning out his torture for the day!  And he decided that I would be doing five, three minute rounds of

Box Jumps (as many reps as I can for 1 minute)

Cargo Net up and back down (as many reps as I can for 1 minute)

Bag work (4 punch combos) and sprawl (as many reps as I can for 1 minute)

Sounds easy enough right?!


Well I felt fine I wasn’t winded or anything, box jumps went well, and then it was on to climbing the cargo net! NOW I’m 4’11… obviously God made me tiny for a reason, meaning he probably wanted me to be grounded. The cargo net didn’t look high, but I felt like I was high enough to shake a bit. Coach wanted me to touch the wooden beam before I climbed back down. My first attempt I was all over the place, looked like I was climbing the thing drunk. I was wobbling all over the place, my hands were not working with my feet, and my hands were being ripped apart.

Then I did the four punch combo and a sprawl wow I think that was a bit more tiring then everything else, and Coach Marini wanted at least 20 reps busted out before the minute was up!

The other attempts at the cargo net were a lot better. I gavel gripped my hands and pulled myself up and then got my grips again and did that until I reached the top and did that on my way down.

My last round of bag work and sprawls I didn’t make 20 reps, and coach made me push through how sore I was and made me finish it. I think I had six more to go and as he was counting them out I was grunting like a dude and just trying to push myself and tried to keep my hands fast. Through this entire work out, I had the song “NO Easy Way OUT” from Rocky 4 I believe. Stallone is listening to the song while he’s in the car driving thinking about Apollo’s death and what he’s going to do with Drago. There were a lot of lines in that song that helped me push harder and it wasn’t because it was a Rocky song it was because of what it said and how I could relate.

My work out wasn’t done there, grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to the trails at the Hermitage. This time with Coach Marini, and we didn’t stay on any of the paths and just really set out in the bush. We were climbing these muddy, steep hills, walking across mini streams and what not over logs. It was a great walk and work out on its own. Of course I was a bit tired from my previous work out so the added three hour walk in the middle of nowhere climbing all these muddy slippery hills was fun. I really felt it after my entire body especially my legs and arms from climbing were tired.

BUT it wasn’t over there, I managed to get in a power nap (I now understand why professional fighters all sneak in as many naps as possible), and then I headed off for my MMA training at Cutting Edge. I was dead tired, the no sleep through the week really hit me, plus everything else I did today.

Edge put the guys though a really good work out/warm up ending it with a tug of war contest firs tin groups of threes then individual. Some of the guys I train with have retarded strength, and I know when they get into the cage its going to be brutal when they hit another dude with the little gloves…

Rolling I felt alright, my stomach was all cramped up (sometimes I hate being a chick), and that’s when the stiff and soreness of my muscles really started to set in. I did my first round with Merz, it was pretty good. He was also my training partner for the techniques. I sware doing double and single legs on this guy is like shooting into a heavy bag, and when he sprawled on me I felt like I was under a football pile up. BUT working with him will obviously help me out, training with anyone like Merz will help me in the end. Especially with the chicks my size I’d be scared if I were them (hahaha)!

I felt sore as I did with everyone I rolled with, but I felt good trying to get out and using my punches to help.

I think my worst round was with Edge, no matter what I was doing my strength wasn’t there and I was too tired to use technique. It really looked like I was giving up and believe me I wanted to (OH how I wanted too)! But can’t let my coach down, I know he sees something or he wouldn’t bother with me.

I can’t wait to just go to bed tonight.



~ by Christina Sears on October 3, 2008.

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