First Day Back….

It’s really been a month since I slowed down my training. I use to be at Phoenix or Crossfit three times a week plus at Cutting Edge three times a week and HSMA at least once a week. And I’ve done that since I graduated and had a lot more time on my hands! Then as you all know there was a death in my family, and well everything came to a halt.

I had noticed that the Joslin Canadian Championship was only a month or so away, and it’s been maybe two or three years since I bothered competing. My reasoning is although they had a 115 and lower weight class I was 95-100lbs every year I competed and usually (as in all BJJ tourneys) there wasn’t enough girls so the ones who were there would just be grouped together (which is fine but frustrating at the same time). At the Joslin’s tourney its single elimination which means you lose once and you’re done (which I never really agreed with when it came to the women’s division.) AND cost of entry has gone up I think for two events it’s around 85 or so dollars. And when you’re a college student most of your money is going towards SCHOOL!

But I’ve been training a lot more since school ended and have gotten heavier (currently sitting at 112lbs), and I have sharpened up my Jiu Jits at Cutting Edge, and really with no school why not compete? Right?

So I decided a month was long enough of a break and its time to get back into business. I knew it was going to be a bit rough, I would really have to be mentally there and leave my distractions with life and everything else at the door.

So Coach Marini and I hit up Crossfit and he laid everything out for me. He already had it in his head what he wanted to do and usually I never want to know because certain things just make me mentally want to break because I absolutely hate doing certain exercises.

So he put together a work out that consisted of:

500m Row

10 Zercher Squats (the punching bag weighing maybe 75 or so lbs)

10 Rope Climbs (up and back down)

10 Box Jumps

10 Dips

10 Turkish Get-ups with a Kettle Bell



And we did that 2x’s! Which wasn’t an overly hard work out; it was probably one of the easiest I’ve had since working with Coach Marini. I don’t know if it was because we were strapped for time sort of or what, regardless it should have been no problem for me. But a month off really f’s with you. Not to mention I had something on my mind which happened just before I hit the gym and I couldn’t concentrate (which is no excuse).

I wasn’t really sore at all, the Zercher Squats were new, but apparently will be really good for me so!

After Crossfit, I ate and then we went over to Cutting Edge for BJJ training. We started off in groups just going over the point system and how it works, just really light sparring. I was in a group with some young guys pretty much kids I guess, because they weren’t all that heavy (probably the smallest ones next to me).

We also did a lot of wrestling take downs, and drilled out double and single legs and the defenses which were great. I haven’t done that since wrestling in 2003 so it was good to go back to my roots and I can’t wait to brush that up a little bit.

We sparred after, which wasn’t too bad I guess… I felt like shit today hopefully Wednesday is a better day at Crossfit for me.



~ by Christina Sears on September 27, 2008.

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