Babo’s Memorial!!!

I didn’t go to the gym today, my stomach was in knots about Coach Marini’s fight, and today is the Memorial Mass for my grandfather. I’m not sure if it’s a European thing or a Catholic thing BUT 30 days after someone dies they have a memorial mass. I just … I don’t know when I woke up I felt sluggish, depressed, in a “meh” mood.

So Holly and I went for another long ass walk at the Hermitage.

There is this waterfall just at the entrance, but beyond a certain point it was private property. It was a beautiful little waterfall. And as Holly and I got closer to the fence we noticed a bunch of baby wipes that were dropped. BUT the interesting part about these wipes were the fact they were covered in blood. YES, BLOOD! Gross eh? Well what was even grosser is that it didn’t look like someone cut themselves and decided to wipe it up because the blood would have been (I think) a bit darker. Holly and I think that two very horny people came up here (because it is quite hidden at night) and “boned” the crap out of each other, however the female must have been on her period (due to the colour of the blood) and they used the wipes to clean up… Yup! Pretty gross!

BUT then Holly looked down and was like “is that hair” and I was like “what where?”! Sure enough there was some hair coming out of the ground. And with the Hermitage Ruins being said to be “haunted” we were coming up with sonarios about how someone could quite possibly be buried and their body is starting to rise out of the dirt. (HEY it could happen). Regardless we didn’t touch anything and we kept walking.

We took the “Heritage Trail” hoping it would lead us to the other parts of the Hermitage that are on the map (which didn’t happen). But it was an interesting walk. We must have walked for about, oh I don’t know an hour and some… For some reason it was long to walk until the trail ended then it was to walk back to the beginning. I was shocked?

So when we started walking the path we went to the right instead of going straight. This path had a lot of steep hills to go up and down; it was pretty tiring at times. I found myself running up them just to get up them quicker rather then trying to dig my toes into the ground and push off and hope my little legs make it up.

*Hermitage Walk*

Along the path, we heard a lot of different noises, the first time it sounded like a women moaning in the background. It was faint but you could make it out and the entire path was cleared of people it was only Holly and I and the nature that surrounded us. I tried to tape it hoping to pick up the sounds but I didn’t even though it was loud enough TO pick up the sounds we heard.

There was this rock that looked like a “sacrifice” table, reminded me of the alter in the Narnia movie (the first one)! Where asland sacrifices his life so that the one son of Adam may live.

We then came to this other area where it had a wired fence around it with this old medal gate and there was a sign warning it was private property and it had cameras around the area. BUT as we were approaching it, the trees started to blow and then we heard these 2 loud thumps. As if someone threw 2 huge bolder like rocks over us and then landed really hard. There was too much in the way to see what dropped out of the sky, but it freaked us out a little bit?

Holly then said she heard two men talking (again no one was around)! It was quite interesting to say the least.

On the way back I spotted two deer. They weren’t scared of me but seriously look at me who would be right? But they did stare us down, they didn’t take their eyes off us for a second (which I would think they would and run I mean I could be scary if I wanted too).

It was a good time to chat, I was telling Holly about how I wasn’t really up for the mass tonight, just because 30 days after and it sinks in even more. We were talking about fighting, and how bad nerves can get to you and a bunch of other things. It was relaxing to be surrounded with a cool breeze, trees, and no one else really around except for a few bikers trucking it down and up the paths.

Around seven my whole family and I headed to All Souls church in Hamilton for my Grandfathers Memorial Mass (which was mostly in Italian). It was great to have Anthony home. He unfortunately wasn’t here when my Babo died he was in Italy and couldn’t get home fast enough. So when he was there it was very real to him and I think finally sunk in that he was gone.

My Nonna’s kids and their kids were surrounding her; it was nice to see my Babo’s nieces and nephews and their kids there, plus friends of my Nonna! We had a great support team there.

BUT then came the hard part, we would all go back to my Nonna’s for one of the last times. She’s having a realtor come in on Monday to check the house out. So I caught my cousins and what not just sort of taking in the house. I know my brother and I laid upstairs in the spare bedroom just looking at the ceiling talking about stuff. The bed looked a lot higher when I was little, and the hamper in that room looked a lot deeper too, but then again I was pretty little. 

We went into my Nonna’s room and just kind of took it in, where he use to sleep and everything. Anthony (my brother) opened up her closet door and we seen his clothes just hanging there *tearing as I’m writing this* and his suspenders that helped hold up his pants were hanging neatly off the door… It was hard; I felt choked up the entire time I was there. I missed coming in the house and having him say “HEYYY WHO’S THERE” and when he knew who it was he had a huge smile from ear to ear.

He was in the same spot on the couch after dinners and whenever we went over. Apparently his groove is still in the couch, the fabric is warn down where he use to sit. None of his grandchildren sat in that spot, we didn’t even turn on the TV! He always watched the Italian station and none of us bothered changing it. It was a different feeling being there, definitely felt him missing.

My Nonna is a strong lady, and we all have a part of my Babo’s fighting heart.

I got the call late tonight that Coach Marini won his fight, which was a relief I really could wait to hear from him. I had knots in my tummy the entire night. So it was good to hear the excitement in his voice and I’m glad to see the results were in his favor. Even though he broke his hand and needs to get surgery!



~ by Christina Sears on September 26, 2008.

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