Hermitage walk, Training, and TUF

Wednesday was a bit of a downer for me, as my dad would put it “it looked like someone stole my best friend.” Usually on Wednesday’s I would be hitting up the gym, followed by a wicked nap, and then maybe something to eat before I head home and get ready to train again at night. But Coach Marini was on a plane for Edmonton this morning bright and early.  So, instead my best friend Holly and I decided to go to the Hermitage Ruins in the Dundas area.

At night I would never go, I feel like I’m being watched by a lot of angry presents that would much rather have their space instead of having people wonder around. Plus everything is creepy and different at night.

But during the day it’s amazing, walking through a lot of forest area, enjoying what is around you. There are a tone of hills and a lot of potential to make some sort of work out up there. But her and I just walked and followed a bunch of the trails. The weather was nice, blue skies and a nice warm sun (but not to hot). There was a bit of a breeze that circulated around the tall trees that surrounded us.

At one point near the Ruins I was admiring this tree that had this interesting textured branch rapped around it, there were a lot of different trees like that when Holly said “look over there, there’s a deer” I squinted my eyes and couldn’t see anything, and then I seen it. It was pretty big, bigger then the ones you would find at Marine Land that’s for sure! I tried to tip toe a bit closer, but with deer’s being timid animals it just walked a bit up while looking at me. I crouched down to try and get a clear picture and I ended up seeing three more.

I’ve never seen that many deer’s in one spot before. It was a very relaxing and beautiful sight.

I think Holly and I spent maybe 2 hours walking in the woods, I was pretty zonked after that, I mean seriously try walking up these steep unleveled hills with the stubbiest legs in the world! It can get very brutal quick.

In the last week or so, I’ve noticed my eating habits change. I was doing great with my protein shakes, my salads, nuts, fresh fruit etc and then it changed. Every time Coach Marini is cutting weight for a fight, I seem to get the sympathy pains. I get the cravings, the erg to eat EVERYTHING, and I find myself drinking more water then normal. So when Holly said she had a craving for Pizza, I could already taste the tomato sauce and the texture of the thin crust on my tongue. I had suggested Mattina Pizza from downtown area. It was the pizza that was bought by my mom’s cousin Carla when we were all in the Hospital at my grandfather’s size. And it was one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever tasted. SO that’s where we went.

We bought a medium pizza, which to some isn’t all that, big but this pizza was a fair size (for two people anyways). And would you know it Holly and I ate that ENTIRE pizza all of one slice. Don’t ask me where I put it I’m still trying to figure it out.

Holly dropped me off at home and I took a much needed nap before I had to train again at seven. It was hard to fall asleep, my mind was all over the place but I finally dozed off, which was good.

Walking to the gym, I wanted to clear my head! So i popped on the song “bubbley” on my Ipod! The song reminds me of someone I’m really close to and it makes me smile, and clears myhead from time to time.

*Bubbley Song*

I was hoping Adam was going to be at HSMA tonight to maybe do some sparring after like we did last week, but he must have been caught up somewhere else which was fine. I got there and the gym was really hot. I was sweating just taking off my clothes to get changed. Mark was there (which was good to see) and he was going over how to defend a cross face and counter it. I worked in with Christine, we had a good laugh. We had to do this roll thing for one of the techniques that were shown and I sware I looked like a fat kid rolling over. Landing in the OPPOSITE position I should be in it was a “you had to have been there” kind of situation.

I noticed when I got there that one of the newer guys had brought his girlfriend to train with us. I was stoked to see another girl but … in the same sense I couldn’t help but look over at Christine and say “were we suppose to wear spaghetti straps today?” The girl was fairly tall, and probably weighed all of 90lbs. If she was heavier then that I would have been shocked. She was super skinny, I mean if someone had really arm bared her I’m pretty sure it would have snapped no problem. While working with her BF I noticed them “fooling around” using grappling as we… a way to get close which is fine… I’m sure every fighter out there has done some kind of “strip jiu jitsu” or “strip wrestling” with their wife or gf, but I’m sure they weren’t messing around like that in a class.

I ignored it; I mean I can really careless…

After class, Christine had wanted to do a few rounds of boxing, so I agreed. Even though yesterday I bashed my nose off of the key board shelf that pulls out (don’t ask). I hit my face so hard that I thought I could have knocked myself out. So when she clipped me in the nose it hurt because of the swollen lump that was there.

But it was a good sparring session; I really tried to annoy her by throwing three or four jabs at her face. While doing that I was saying “hit me” I mean I already hit her, counter with something what have you got to lose. She was hitting harder then before which was great. I want her to see me as a training partner not someone who is better then her, because I’m not. I’m still just learning! Boxing to me is like another language, and I get frustrated with it. I spar with her because she’s a female who takes it seriously, and who I know has the potential to fuck me up if she tried. Instead of being passive like she is most of the time.

Regardless training was great.

Then after I had an Ultimate Fighter date with Holly and my brother. Holly and I went to the Barn and grabbed some popcorn, viva puffs, and she had pretzels for the show! And that’s what we did. I’m glad that then fights are over, and I can see the guys train and work to stay on the show. AND I’m interested to see how far Krzysztof gets.

Did I mention that I’m weighing in at 112lbs now? A HUGE jump from 102lbs! I’m excited!!! Joslin’s Grappling tourney this year should be interesting! I will almost be at the required weight class instead of being way under weight!



~ by Christina Sears on September 24, 2008.

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