Rise above the critics voice and be who you are!

The world of Mixed Martial Arts is really interesting to me! Like any other sport, it has its up and downs, its rising and falling athletes, and it has its fans and critics.

And what amazes me, is how people (the fans and critics) react to specific situations, fights, rumors, and the way they talk about certain athletes.

Fighting is a combat sport; it’s you and the other guy/girl in the cage or ring with nothing around you but ropes or a fence and a referee to make sure that things go smoothly in there. THAT’S IT!

Fighters do have teams they train with, or training partners to help them get conditioned and ready for their next fight but they are like training wheels, the day of the fight your on your own.

NOW, it amazes me every time I go to a bar or restaurant to watch an MMA card, or over at a friends, and even at some of the events. I’m surrounded with people who either train and have an idea of what is going on, people who just like it because it’s two people beating the piss out of each other, or people who find it interesting. All sorts of people are attracted to this sport, which bring in a lot of different views and perspectives to the table.

Sometimes we see great fighters fall to a loss to a guy that everyone thought he or she would beat, some see the great fighter yet again come out on top. BUT it’s ironic when you see a once “great fighter” fall to a loss out of no where. The rumors start “maybe they should retire, they this… they that….” I only wish some of the people can walk in the shoes of the fighter leading up to that fight.

There are a lot of behind the curtain things that happen leading up to a fight? The night of the fight? That isn’t said in a press conference, or in an article, because then the fighter is just making up “excuses” and I’ve read it and seen it all before.

And that makes me angry! And irritated if you will!

I’m surrounded with great training partners, some which are professional fighters WHO are doing well for themselves. I see them put their blood, sweat, and sometimes tears on the mat, in the cage, and in training. I see them have good training days, and shitty training days. I see them sacrifice things just to train full time, I see them struggle, and I see them raise their arms with a great feeling of success. I see what goes on behind the curtain, and beyond the cage. I see them in their everyday lives because after all they are humans, they have families, and it just happens to be their job to go out there doing a sport they are truly passionate about.

And you can pin point the ones who like the title “professional fighter” and the ones who live and breathe the fact they are a professional fighter.

I’ve never been in a cage, or a ring, I’ve never had my face cut or felt the wrath of a good elbow. BUT I’ve been there. I’ve never had to cut weight (and I probably never will) but I’ve been there for my team mates who have. I’ve watched them mentally freak out but get back in there, and do it.

There is so much more to fighting then what meets the eye when you’re watching a fight card. And it makes me sick that people are so narrow minded and think they can actually relate to what that fighter is going through. For all we know he/she could have received bad news just before he/she entered the cage or ring… all fighters fight injured but they still go in there to put on a show for the fans.

The people who said “he should have done this, he did that” it’s easier said then done, and half the time I think “I wonder what would happen if it were possible to switch places so people can actually see thru the fighters experience.”

Someone very close to me is fighting this weekend. I know his team has prepared him well; his coach picked apart his opponent and worked on what they need to do to win this fight (which may or may not work)! You can always come up with a game plan, but it can also always change.

I’ve seen him at his lowest moments during his training camp, and I’ve seen him push through and over come the mental game. I’ve seen him slowly shrink from his normal weight to his fighting weight. AND like his team and trainers, no matter what the outcome I will still have the same respect for him and I will still be proud of him.

Everyone can be an ultimate fighter, but only few have the heart to carry them further in their MMA career.

I want to say good luck this weekend, and regardless the out come I will be here when you get home with my arms open! I will be proud of you regardless what happens, because in the end… everything is a learning process and you get better and better with every experience.



~ by Christina Sears on September 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Rise above the critics voice and be who you are!”

  1. I’m not sure that it could have been put into any better words. I hope one day I have someone as respecting and dedicated as you in my corner.


  2. Great article Christina, your friend is very lucky to have you at his side supporting him and his endeavor. It can be very difficult at times to standby and watch someone we care about experience struggles in their lives, be it personal or professional. Having someone their at those particular times can make all the difference. I too wish him all the luck this weekend and no matter what he is going to be famous someday that I am sure of, as I am sure you are. Keep writing great articles, and all the best to you with your MMA aspirations.


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