It Ended with a Right Hand!

Man, do you ever have those days where you’re so tired but can’t sleep because things are just racing through your head, and it feels like you just can’t focus on one thing? That’s how it was for me after work today.FOR ONCE it wasn’t busy on a Saturday so I got home at a relatively early time;HOWEVER I couldn’t (for the life of me) fall asleep. My mind was just all over the place. And I ended up going to bed late anyways!

BUT this morning I had a lot more energy then most mornings,which was good I suppose. My first time sparring in the new gym and I like it a lot better, there is way more room to move ad what not. I hated feeling crammed I felt like I couldn’t move enough and I was always getting tagged.

First round wake up call was with ….Bryan….,according to him he “needed someone to tune” ha-ha! I sware he likes hitting me in the face (just kidding). But we refreshed and went over stuff from the last time I was there. Just getting the jab going and work my way to the inside. I think more when I’m with ….Bryan….,which is probably why my hands don’t do what I want them to.

I always second guess myself because in my head he’s going to have a counter for most things I throw,and as much as I want to just nail him with a good combo or something, I’m really curious to see what he does next. And then I find myself getting hit because I’m not paying attention.

Went the 2nd round with Nick, he’s a big guy good reach onme, kind of hard to get around sometimes. I’ve spared with him before but I haven’t been there for a bit, so it hasn’t been for awhile. It went good I was working on hitting him and moving out moving my head a lot more and what not…the round didn’t’ go too shabby.

3rd round was with Jer! Now… like I said before Jer has a unique way of sparring sometimes, and I can’t help but stop and giggle because I get hit with some weird punches and its interesting and when I’m tired it can be annoying. BUT I really really tried to work on the head movement I was doing with Adam on Wednesday and when I started doing it, it worked I wasn’t being clipped with to many of his jabs!

He helped me with changing up my combos too and that helped with my last round with nick! I ended up ending my last round with a wicked right hand that hit him hard enough that he turned away. Felt great, I’m not going to lie! NOW if I can only land more of those wicked punches!!!!

Coach Marini went through seven or eight, five minute rounds each minute having a new fresh guy come in doing something different. First he sparred with Bryan, who made him move and work hard that entire round telling him to worry about speed and less about impact for now. THEN Nick would get in there and just go nuts, again making him worry more about moving, and combos then anything else.

Jer would come in and work off the clinch have Coach Marini work to not being taken down while hitting and throwing knees, and then once on the ground Jay would go in and work his ground and pound! That would continue until the 5 minutes was up. It was his last day of “hard” training today before his fight in the ..MFC.. this Friday!

SO this Sunday wasn’t too bad… Hopefully I get to work more with Adam this week!



~ by Christina Sears on September 21, 2008.

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