MMA Fridays…

Tonight was my first night training in the new gym since Bryan moved shops. It was great to not roll into anyone or have them roll into me. It was also great to not be dripping with sweat as if we all just got out of a pool. I mean I can handle it, BUT when it’s dripping in (and near) my mouth I get completely grossed out.

It was the first time we actually did a team warm up, which was interesting. Bryan had us doing different box jumps but I was so scared I was going to fall or not make it over at times (well who am I kidding most of the time). Of course the guys had a chuckle about that and made their comments (as I would to them if it were them).

We also did some core conditioning with a medicine ball. The ball is a basketball with sand in it and is so deceiving. I mean you know its going to be heavy when it’s thrown at you (especially when it’s thrown at your gut) YET even some of the guys were dropping it. And I really believe it’s because it looked like a basketball, your mind is telling you one thing until you catch it and feel the weight. I felt bad for Steve because when we had to pass the ball over head I was standing on my toes just to pass it to him (and Steve isn’t that tall himself). It was probably frustrating!!!!

THEN, after all that Bryan got out both of his punching bags and had us “baby carry” it around the gym. It was easy for most of the guys with their nice long lanky arms. I felt bad for my cousin because like me he was having a hard time getting his arms around it. NO matter how I tried to wrap my arms around it, it wasn’t helping. And I don’t know why (maybe because they guys wanted to see me try and do it) but two of my team mates lifted it at each side for me to get under it and then lift it up myself and carry it.

The entire time I was thinking to myself “OH GOD I HOPE I CAN CARRY THIS THING….” They let go once I had my arms under it and I started to walk, it was heavy and I even shocked myself I was carrying this thing around the gym. I couldn’t see where I was going though, most of the guys can see over the bag BUT I couldn’t so I kept yelling “am I getting close where is Daniel” because he was the one in front of me with his bag. Then I dropped it because I was nervous and not sure where he was, Edge picked it back up and said “no no you finish” and so I had to carry it the rest of the way. I shocked myself, and I think I shocked some of my team mates! They were all yelling and screaming at me to keep going (it was funny)! Meisel had faith the entire time when I was saying to Coach Marini “I don’t think I can do this,” Meisel piped up and said “you’re a tank you can do it.” This was shocking to hear from a guy who enjoys punching me in the face!!!

After Coach Marini came over with this proud look on his face, because of course I wouldn’t be strong enough to do that without the training I’ve been doing with him! BUT of course he says he’s going to have me do (I forget the name of them) but some kind of different squats to make me even stronger! I’m glad I could make him proud and it was so helpful to have my team behind me.

We did some techniques on closing the distance and taking our opponent down! It was some good wrestling review for me!

I sparred with my little cousin Daniel first! He’s 15, and wrestled for Bishop Ryan High school in Stoney Creek. He’s really strong and good at his wrestling and when he first joined I was shocked! He’s the only one in my family that kind of took the same path I did wrestling in high school. He was telling me today that a lot of people know who I am, he’s like “yeah everyone knows you; you ask them do you know Christina Sears, and they know you.” I was shocked!!!  SO he really wanted to try out some jiu jitsu and since he’s got a wrestling background I thought Cutting edge would be his best bet because he’s got tougher guys and Hagersville Wrestling isn’t to far away and we have kids/guys coming from there all the time. He’s really aggressive and was with me which was fine I use that to get use to being hit and move around. He is heavier then I am which is great it helps me with the weight difference of all my opponents. Since he knows no submissions really and what not I didn’t feel the need to try and make him tap? He wouldn’t have learned much and neither would I! BUT I think if he comes out even more he’s going to be a great MMA fighter (if he wanted to do that)!!!

I think I rolled with Brandon next, he’s the brother of Matt Ferraro! Big guy, and moves really well! I think at this point he would beat his brother up pretty good or come close (one or the other) and he seems to have a good mind set when it comes to training. He wants to be there to train not for the glory which is good. BUT he wasn’t taking it easy on me (coach’s orders) which was good made me really work for everything which was good. He was getting the upper hand at one point I think I tapped a few times to him! BUT then out of nowhere I got a good top position and just did some ground and pound while he got out of it and when he did I was saved by the time clock!

I rolled with the younger Hartog, which was good he felt a bit stronger this time around! And he caught me a few times too, didn’t really hit much in this round just pretty much rolled normal which was a good change from getting punched my other 2 rounds.

Meisel and I went around, and already before the clock even went I knew it was going to be a long five minutes of my face being hit! I worked my ass off this round just trying to move around him and get better positions but its hard when he‘s hitting not only your face but your body and everything else! But I did get some alright positions on him where I punched a bit more and just let my hands go! At the end of the round he said I was hitting harder, and taking the punches better (because I never use to like getting hit) which is good to hear from him because he’s not going to feed me any bull shit or take it easy on me. I mean its guys like him who are going to help me in the end when it comes to fighting someone my weight!!!

I was a bit tired after training today it was a good work out to say the least!!! I didn’t really feel 100% their, I still have too much on my mind to completely focus on training. I find myself just kind of thinking about other things until someone punches me and then I clue back into training.

I couldn’t wait to get home and eat though I was SO hungry, maybe sit and watch a movie or something! Training continues Sunday



~ by Christina Sears on September 20, 2008.

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