Training with Adam Hensen!

I didn’t go to the gym today, not because I couldn’t I just didn’t feel up to it really. I was sort of tired and just wanted to sleep in! Which I probably shouldn’t because my room is a disaster, I mean I took all my stuff out of my bag when I got home and just threw it on the floor! I’m not your typical girl either, you don’t just see clothes on my floor, and you see everything! I’m pretty sure my gym cloths are still under that pile of “everything” somewhere. But it doesn’t smell yet so I’m good (just kidding)!

So instead of cleaning my room I decided to go get my hair cut and coloured. I read somewhere that to feel good a lot of women either go shopping (which I hate doing) or get their hair done. NOW I don’t MIND getting my hair done but after its cut and whatever I wait about three or so months before I go back (AND my aunt is a hair dresser)! I wanted it on the shorter side, just because it wasn’t too bad when it was short the first time. Mind you it wasn’t as short as it was now so I figured if it was even shorter it would be easier to roll and what not (and it is)! I also coloured it dark for the winter, the blonde and light brown wasn’t cutting it for me! SO I got that done today!

I was pretty stoked to find out that Adam was going to HSMA tonight to train. I was suppose to work with him last week, but he was really sick and had to take a rain check. He just got back from South Africa getting his first knock out and a TKO in his two fights out there. He trains with Adam Higson for his Thai Boxing and he’s really great for only being 23 and starting in this sport maybe 2 or 3 years ago.  

Adam and I are pretty tight, I mean… he’s really been there for me and I really do consider him one of my best friends. I can joke and be myself with him and he brings me up when I need it and if I need to be told he does that too. We just get along great and his fiancé is amazing, and so supportive and perfect for him.  So I had asked him if he wanted to start working with me at HSMA on my boxing and maybe eventually some Thai boxing and he agreed which was amazing because I’m not the easiest person to train with, especially when it comes to boxing I just get so frustrated sometimes.

BUT we sparred for a bit, and he just felt me out to see maybe where he can clean up some of my rookie mistakes! And sure enough he picked apart the same things Edge noticed, and we worked on that. I felt really good not frustrated, I was pretty calm trying to think of what I was doing. BUT at times I felt myself slip, my mind was thinking about something else and then I would get a hook to the head or a right hand or even a jab to snap me back into training. But he made sure I was on my toes, and moving and he really wanted me to work the body and we worked on that.

Towards the end we did this drill he called it the “Mayweather” drill. What he wanted me to do was take off my gloves (for now) and put my hands behind my back… I had to be on my toes and he was going to throw straight punches (to start) and I had to just move. Stay in one spot and just move. He wanted to see better head movement, he wanted to see me rolling my shoulder, and he wanted me to weave and slip. And I really think the drilled helped a lot and I think I’m going to do that with Coach Marini. I’m looking forward to maybe training with him again next Wednesday!

I also did some jiu jitsu tonight too; rolling with Adam one round (which was good) He doesn’t give me a break treats me like one of the guys (which I like)! It was good rolling with him, even though he doesn’t roll as much these days he’s still pretty solid on the ground.

Then I sparred with Christine, she felt soooo light to me. I don’t know if it’s because she’s losing weight from training or I’m just stronger. I really think she can be a good ground fighter, but she’s way too passive sometimes. She’s got to act like a hungry bull and just get in there and take what is hers (which would be the tap out)! I know she can do it because I was once in her shoes. Granted I have smaller feet so the shoes were a bit smaller but regardless I know how she feels. And I work with her as much as I can because I think she can be great, and this will all click in and work for her instead of being frustrating at times. I wouldn’t waste my time if I didn’t think she took it seriously. BUT she does need to be hungry for the win, and hungry to train!  I can’t wait for the day where I can push her in training and she “shoves” back!!!! That would be wicked and my job there would be done.

My last round of sparring I rolled with a new guy. He’s probably been there a few weeks, and I’ve got to say its different fighting a guy who doesn’t have a clue. Hey work to pass a lot more without even realizing it. BUT in the same sense, I felt really strong. The guy must be maybe 125lbs at most, kind of tall, and when he was trying to push on my arm or my legs he was shaking he was trying so hard. BUT that made me feel good, at least I know I’m getting stronger. When I get a guy who just starts jiu jitsu I don’t go balls deep (unless they are an idiot with me) and I let them know what they can do in certain position and I just really work on my flowing and moving around. I try to stay tight and just work in die mount or mount or if I get close to a submission I let him out and go to the next thing. I have nothing to prove by owning them, and they will gain nothing, soo….

So today’s training was a lot better then Monday, but I think it was because I let a load off my shoulders yesterday night. Not that I wanted to let go… but I had to! Plus it’s always great to see Adam in the gym; we have such a great laugh when we are around each other.

After, I called Holly because I had messaged her earlier about maybe getting together and watching the Fight Night and Premier of TUF! So we went over to the barn and got some munchies (I’m not cutting weight or fighting so I can splurge ha-ha) and we went back to my place and watched the fights. The main event wasn’t too bad!

I was really sad to see Joe Duarte get submitted in the first round on the show, I was hoping to see more of him! But I mean it’s not the end of the world. Krzysztof is still in the game which was good he looks like he hits hard. I’ve only really seen him fight once in Winnipeg at Ultimate Cage Wars against Marcus Hicks. It wasn’t a long enough fight to really see what he was all about. But just meeting him in person he’s a massive guy and he looked to be in great shape for the show (as they should be)!

But now it is time to sleep, tomorrow I’m going to relax before work which will be good! Maybe get some of my room cleaned and laundry done! GOD knows I need to do it, its getting to be too much. AND I have to put away my clothes and not leave them in the hamper!



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~ by Christina Sears on September 18, 2008.

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