How I dread Sunday!!!

Oh how I dread Sunday’s, because Sunday is the day where for an hour I’m being punched in the face, and just trying at least once to slip and weave GOOD enough so I don’t walk out of Cutting Edge with a headache.

Never mind weaving and slipping punches, how about timing my punches SO that I actually stand a chance with some of the taller guys who obviously have more of a reach on me. I wish I could make it out Tues/Thurs I can imagine how much better I would be but duty calls and I have to work which sucks.

BUT enough wining, okay wait I’m going to wine a little more, did I mention that I’m STILL friggin sore? Yeah my left arm ( which is my jab) was so sore it was numbing on me when I was trying to throw it, which made it look stupid and sloppy which inturn was making me frustrated and angry.

Edge had everyone working in with Coach Marini to gear him up for his next fight in the MFC at the end of this month. Fresh guys going in every minute for like A LOT of rounds, and when they weren’t in there with Marini they were sparring with me.

I think I found it frustrating with TK today which is rare usually I feel petty good regardless, but he was landing some punches. He doesn’t hit me much though, he will throw a combo and none will hit me they just end up distracting me, but I know if they did hit me I’d be in trouble. I hope he’s not scared to hit me because no one else there is (unless they are relitivley new).

Jer is annoying to spar with, he’s really good with his fakes and his jab, but in the same sense he pushes me and I learn a lot from sparring with him, especially with him having a retarded reach advantage.

Edge was on me about being aggressive more, and timing my punches, and over and over was showing me what I CAN and SHOULD be doing because of my size. He drills it in his fighters heads especially when he knows they can do it.

My jabbing arm felt like it was going to fall off, but the end of the training session I couldn’t even extend it for how sore it was. My legs didn’t bother me while sparring which was good but that jab really brought things downhill for me today. I have to pick it up.

BUT I’m really starting to get frustrated with boxing, I wish it would just CLICK in like the jiu jitsu did, and for me to actually be good. I hate the people out there who can do it naturally and end up throwing that talent away its retarded because someone like me who really has to work at it wishes they can just be naturally good and would probably do great things with it.

It really bothers me I wont be competing in Reno in October, I learned how to strike and for what?! I know I’ve come a long way but a bit of my motivation just went down the shitter you know? I’m sure another flame will be lit in due time I just have to keep doing what I’m doing.

The crossfit work outs this week are probably going to be brutal, and I think Coach Mairini might be changing my lifting so we will see what this new week of training brings!



~ by Christina Sears on September 7, 2008.

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