So… SOOOO … Sore!

Hit the gym again today, and the work out was modified just a smidge due to the amount of time we had. I was grateful for this because I was still a bit sore from Wednesday’s work out. But that’s what not going to the gym for a week and a bit will do to you.

Coach Marini wanted me to do “Murph” today. This work out is terrible, I sware the person that comes up with these workouts much love watching people puke, or close to it.

Murph normally consists of:

1 mile run

100 pull-ups

200 push-ups

300 body weight squats

1 mile run

That sounds pretty terrible to me and when he told me Thursday that was what he had planed on having me doing I was thinking to myself how the hell am I going to finish a work out like that. But what I’ve come to realize is that the fact I FINISH these work outs is good enough for me, and then eventually they will become easy, and after that they will become harder it gives me something to work towards I suppose.

BUT since we didn’t have much time to train we ended up doing the one-mile run and the 300 squats (which we were trying to go 50 at a time or more) with no breaks. We did that because I had mentioned to Coach Marini that my lats and left bicep were so sore it hurt to even straighten my arm… It’s a kind of sore I haven’t felt before so I didn’t want to take any chances. That’s all I need is more time away from the gym. HOW the hell am I going to get stronger and what not with time away.

The mile run wasn’t too bad, I just had to suck it up and get over the fear of running on a treadmill. I know stupid right? But you see it in movies all the time (and I’ve heard stories) of people sliding right off. And the last thing I need is to slide off a treadmill. I mean really picture it. You’re at the gym doing whatever and you glance over and you see this 111lbs girl running (not to mention 12 year olds these days are taller then her) and you see her wipe right out and slide backwards into the machine behind her… I don’t know about you but I would be on the floor laughing! Not only is she super small BUT SHE JUST FELL OFF A TREADMILL!!! Haha sooo, I was always nervous about it.

BUT I managed to keep up with the speed I was going at, however nervous every time I boosted the speed (even though I knew I could run it). I wasn’t tired not even winded. Whenever I run now I just think to myself “Sydenham road is so much worse.”

My legs were still a bit tender from the thrusters on the Wednesday (yeah I know I’m a pussy and should suck it up). SO needless to say by the time I hit the last 100 squats my legs were feeling a bit tired (which never happens). I really started to get that feeling in them where I felt like they were going to give.

Like, you know when your lifting weights and its your last set… and your arms just feel like they won’t lift anymore no matter how much you try… THAT’S exactly how my legs felt at the end of my last 100.

But once I got walking I felt fine until I left the gym and started walking up the stairs, I literally had to hold on for dear life I had no power to push my other leg to the next step. A weird feeling really you’re pushing so hard and nothing. I was showing Coach Marini how far I could bend my arms (with them being so sore) and he found it hilarious. But what was really funny was when I wondered to myself “can I flex my legs?” THAT was a no go, no matter how hard I tried the muscle just wouldn’t flex. It’s a good thing I’m done till Monday with my lifting and crossfit workouts.

I train tomorrow in Welland at Modern Vision MMA they are having their open house and I’m going to go and what not. Blayne is a great instructor and competitor and it’s going to be great rolling with some of her team. THEN I have boxing on Sunday morning at Cutting Edge MMA. Hopefully my arms aren’t as sore, or I’m going to get eaten alive there. The guys don’t take it easy on me by all means I’m one of the guys when I throw in the gloves (which is how it should be). But I like being ready for them so that way they get some good sparring and hopefully learn from me as I do with them.

Cutting Edge tonight (mma training) should be interesting!


~ by Christina Sears on September 5, 2008.

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