Daniel Welcomed Me Back to the Gym….

It was my first day back in the gym today for my strength and conditioning. I never really realized how much a week and a bit can do to your training. I felt like I was starting from square one again it was brutal.

I stayed up writing an article because I couldn’t sleep until it was done, then I had to meet coach Marini at the gym for 10 so I got up earlier to get ready and get there but he calls me and in the nicest voice possible says “ah my mistake its at 11” I was so tired and could have killed him.

SO I thought I would ease my way back into the gym…. BUT Coach Marini had a different idea instead he made me do “Daniel” which was the work out I put him through not to long ago.

The “Daniel” work out is:

50 pull ups

400m run

21 thrusters (for men 95lbs, for women 65lbs)

800m run

21 thrusters

400m run

50 pull ups

SOUNDS awful doesn’t it? But of course Coach Marini had to modify it, because running is far too easy for me to do plus we weren’t at Crossfit we were at Phoenix so there isn’t a close enough field to run in. Instead he had me doing the one thing I hate most and that’s rowing. I had to row instead of run and honestly I would have sooner ran. The rowing really broke my spirits.

AND the pull ups really killed my hands they always rip a part and hurt before I’m even tired. But by the 100th pull up my arms were feeling it… they literally felt like I just fought for my life couldn’t close my hands my fore arms were tight. I used the grip where my hands are facing into me instead of out.

SO much for easing my way back into things eh?

I’m sort of annoyed I found out that the girl from Sacramento (Lisa) that I was suppose to fight over in Reno (October 25-27th) weekend isn’t going to that Canada VS USA tourney anymore. Apparently there was a falling out at the worlds in England and they decided not to affiliate themselves with whomever they were affiliated with meaning they won’t be participating. I’ve been training full time since school ended on everything so that way it can be an even better fight 3rd time around (plus I was obviously hungry to win) and now she’s not even going to be there. There weren’t many females out last time for this Canada VS USA and I refuse to fight Christine out there because I can do that anytime in Canada…. PLUS how fair is that we both have been training pretty hard and for what to throw down with each other.

That sort of broke my spirits in the gym nothing really to train for anymore. BUT I’m going to do what Edge said and maybe focus on amateur MMA (if something comes up maybe take it), and I’m going to be competing in the annual Joslin’s tournament in November.

I just wish there were more females in this end to train with, I’m going to try and plan a training vacation to experience new gyms and meet new people maybe create friendships with other females and what not.

This Saturday I’m going over to Modern Vision MMA for their grand opening in Welland and I’m going to go train some Jiu Jits there. I’ve known Blayne since my very first year grappling actually. We met at the Joslin’s tourney and we’ve kept in contact seeing each other at tournaments and stuff. She’s a great grappler and a great instructor I’m looking forward to rolling with her team and the girls she’s got over there.

Anyways… I’m going to sneak in a nap before training tonight



~ by Christina Sears on September 3, 2008.

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