Wednesday’s Knee to the Face!!!

I started off my day at Steel City Crossfit. Coach Marini and I were fiddling with the rings, he was talking about some work outs he saw and wanted to give them a try. Now I thought I was getting somewhere with my strength but it was nothing compared to what I needed to do these simple ring work outs.

I mean when people watch the Olympics and see gymnastics on, they probably flick the station, BUT seriously those people have to be seriously strong as hell. It’s obviously a sport where you have to start young and work at it. I was doing pull ups and it was SO much harder then on a regular pull up bar, and push ups were even worse.

Can you imagine flipping around a billion times and trying to land perfect, that’s craziness. I mean it’s a lot harder then it looks, those rings aren’t steady and you’re using muscles that have been dormant for a long time. I know it humbled me a whole lot, I was struggling with a few of the things given, some I wasn’t even flexible enough to do and I’m pretty flexible from jiu jitsu.

Next we were going to do Bas Rutten rounds on the bag, I got frustrated and couldn’t be bothered. I have no idea what was wrong with me this afternoon.

Later on I went and trained at The Hamilton School of Martial Arts, I was pretty tired and really only felt like rolling. I did some techniques but then later rolled with some of the guys. Threw on the gloves and rolled with Christine too. I had her in side control and I was giving her some knees and what not. I went to go and hammer fist her inner thigh and “wam, bam, thank you mama” a huge clean knee to the face. It hit me clean on the bridge of my nose the eyes started to tear up (no blood) but WOW did that ever hurt. And she didn’t do it on purpose, and I wasn’t ready for it which is probably why it hit so clean.

That night I had the worse headache and felt kind of nocuous the rest of the night.

*NOTE TO SELF* – never get a knee to the face again!!!



~ by Christina Sears on August 20, 2008.

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