Monday’s Training

Coach Marini’s strength and conditioning coach is away this week, and so I was joking around that I was going to step in and figure out a work out for him.

Today when we got together for our training session he says “so have you figured out what work out you wanted me to do?” I did think of one and told him about it but we decided to use this Hoppler Deck of cards instead. It has a bunch of crazy work outs on them with different names. The first one I randomly choose was kind of pathetic for a professional athlete SO I randomly chose another and it was a pretty good one named “Daniel.”

Daniel Workout:

50 pull-ups

400m run

21 thrusters (95lbs)

800m run

21 thrusters (95lbs)

400m run

50 pull-ups

Sounds rough doesn’t it? Looked rough! I said to him that we will do it for time; I had randomly guessed he would be done the work out between 15 and 20 minutes. Sure enough at 19:30 he was finished. The thing I love about watching Coach Marini work out or seeing someone put him through a work out is that even when he’s tired he pushes himself and finishes it. Not a lot of people can do that, and I admire his mental strength.

**Coach Marini’s Last 21 Thrusters of Daniel**

 When he was running the 400 and 800 meters I had him outside jogging around the field at cross fit, it looked to be 400 meters by the time you run around it.

I know he really hated the 50 pull ups, and he sounded like he was getting angry towards the end when he was pushing them out. BUT he did it… This is what matters.

I was still really tired from work this weekend (Sunday was a late night as well) to even think about doing a cross fit work out. I wanted to but I knew my body and mind were just tired. So I decided to do my lifting instead and MAN did I struggle. Being tired is like being stressed it really F’s with your body. I was struggling with the weight I had done last week, the weight I was pumping out no problem.

During my squats on my last set I felt like the weight was way to much for me and I felt like if I went down, I wasn’t coming up (of course all in my head).I had to put the weight down before I did my last rep. and I kind of broke down a bit, mentally I was really frustrated with how I felt. But I got my stuff together and finished the rep.

**125lbs Squat.. first time struggling… becuase i’m tired**

Strict press was a bit shaky I used some legs to help push it up there, but I did that with the other weight too, eventually its all arms.

But I felt like crap working out today just wasn’t myself hopefully Wednesday is a better day for me.

At night was training at Cutting Edge. We were working with half guard a lot today, doing some escapes and sweeps and what not. I don’t mind playing half guard, and I understood (when Bryan was telling us) how important it is to be up on your side oppose to flat on your back. Some of the stuff he showed I already knew but he helped me clean up my technique a little bit, which was good. I was working with TK, I felt a smidge bad for him because I am SO much smaller then he is so having him do a technique on me probably felt so weird to him. But I told him if you can do it on me and be technical, someone his size shouldn’t be a problem.

I felt good rolling, the heat in the gym didn’t bother me and I wasn’t as tired. (Probably because I snuck in some what of a nap in between).


~ by Christina Sears on August 18, 2008.

One Response to “Monday’s Training”

  1. Workin on the ground game EH??
    Hope you got some cool shite to show me!!


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