Bright and Early to Box…

It was another late night at work yesterday, I think I got in around 2ish and I needed to unwind before I went to bed so I didn’t get to sleep until later. It happens every Saturday night I work late then have to be up nice and early for boxing the next morning.  SO in the morning on Sunday I’m SO tired, I fall asleep on the way to the gym every morning. I know what you’re probably thinking “why don’t you just not work as late on Saturdays.” Truth is Saturday shifts are good money and when you’re a graduated college student you have a school debt to usually pay so I really can’t afford to give up a shift like that.

SO here I am woken up and notified that we are at the gym, I stretch out and grab my kappa gym bag that looks so funny when I carry it because some would say “you can fit into that bag.” And I was half asleep walking up the driveway to the gym, yawning and rubbing my eyes.

I remember the first time I came to the gym tired everyone asked “are you hung over” its an inside joke with a few guys who are always out drinking on the weekend. I don’t drink so usually the answer is no “I’m just tired” which isn’t as exciting as saying “MANNNN I’m so hung over” (which is then usually followed up with a story of what happened the previous night).

I really took my time getting on my gear, usually some of the guys get their rounds in a lot quicker then me (and I’m fine with that).

Jeremy looked at me and he’s like “time’s ticking lets go” when the next new round started. I never spared Jer before; he’s very wiry and has a unique boxing style. He hit me with some good shots, and I wasn’t awake enough to be aggressive so my punches weren’t as solid as they should have been. And he made that a note and didn’t hesitate to tell me to punch higher, and my left arm was coming down (which he punched me for when he saw it so I would keep it up).

I sparred with I think Marshal next. And he’s a lot younger then all of us at the gym I would probably say 14 (maybe?).  But he’s pretty solid and doesn’t dick around. He made a note I wasn’t extending my arm but I was working on something else which is why I didn’t so I smiled and thanked him for telling me.. He had a pretty good reach advantage which sucked. So I tried to work a few things and I caught him a few times which was good.

Then there were two rounds with Bryan, and you know when you go with the head honcho of the place your in for a tough round, and he’s going to clean everything up and help you out. We went over the movement we were doing last week, he also noted my left hand was dropping a bit. It wasn’t too bad of a round I wasn’t trying to think of everything and just let it come natural, but boxing isn’t natural for me so I can imagine how I looked doing it.

The second round Bryan and I worked a lot on  getting on the inside hitting my combo following it up with some punches while circling out, which I found really effective, and I will work on at some point this week.

He then asked how I felt and if I was as frustrated as last week, and I wasn’t AS frustrated but still frustrated, just too tired to care. I had told him about the shifts on Saturday and what it does to me Sunday morning and he understood and just said “well think of  it as part of your conditioning, if you can come in here tired and work out imagine what you can do with rest.” That made me feel less useless because he is right.

Needless to say I was brought back to reality and shown what I need to work on while in the process of getting beat up a bit.



~ by Christina Sears on August 17, 2008.

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