Learning Delariva Guard…

Friday’s are one of my favorite training days, not only am I grappling (and obviously doing what I enjoy doing) BUT I also get to incorporate some strikes on the ground. Which granted, I still can’t wrap my head around why anyone would want to get punched? BUT again here I am. The ground is more of my home anyways; I can take the punches better and move better because it’s like my jungle! I hunt… to kill! *laughs* I try to anyways!

We worked a lot from delariva guard it was good to know incase I’m ever in that position however, my legs were SO short and even though I was nice and close I still thought it was a bit weird to do it. BUT it’s always an option incase I need to use it. Did some set up’s for up kicks which was fun, was being made fun of because of my small feet. I guess it looked even funnier when they had this size 4.5 foot coming up to kick them in the face from the ground, NOT only that I had a short stubby leg behind it trying to get some reach. I guess it was kind of funny.

Ferraro was back in the gym, he recently had surgery for a hernia. So it was nice to see him back training doing what he loves to do. I heard that he’s going to be fighting in the next IQMMA at the end of September, so hopefully he can get back on the horse and win his next bout; I’d like to see him fight. I missed his last fight at the IQMMA heard it was a good one though. He apparently surprised a lot of people which is always how it is, and I’m happy for him.

I wouldn’t wait to just roll around. I was working on a few things Wednesday with Christine, because she is heavier then I am and probably more ideal to some of the girls I would ever be fighting. So what I learn I try on her and then I try and get in the grove of the technique and then I again try it on the guys. I always hope it works but usually I get to a certain point and then their brute strength just takes over so it’s then back to the drawing board for me.

I rolled with Coach Marini first, and of course he was probably the only one (because I didn’t spar with Meisel) that hit the hardest tonight (as always). He really likes just tossing me around and he finds it “fun.”   I did get in a few good shots on him, and still just tried to move even though it felt like I had a sack of bricks on my chest whenever he was in side control. But you know it’s something I have to work around and I’m pretty confident that one day it’s going to happen for me.

After I think I rolled with another really strong guy Merz. He didn’t feel as heavy as Marini did… for some reason but still really strong. I think I got him with a few good punches that came out of nowhere. Again had to work with the weight difference I was given, I do feel a bit stronger these days since I started weight training and what not. Which is good I remember when I use to get eaten alive by the majority of these guys it was retarded.  He then had me pinned pretty good couldn’t move my arms and he started grinding into my ear and giggling, what a dork it’s only because I literally was stuck and couldn’t move.

TK was next, and he’s a pretty tall strong guy. He said he wanted to work more from the bottom so I worked my top game tried to pass his long lanky legs, and then just moved around a lot with him so he knows what it’s like being with someone more worm like then the larger guys he usually rolls with. It was good though by the end of the night we were all just soaked in sweat.

But that’s the thing with Cutting Edge everyone pulls their own weight so everyone gets a work out regardless of who you’re rolling with. Everyone is soaked in sweat by the end of the night all of us looking like we just jumped into a pool. And we are all pretty close when it comes to training too, we all have a good relationship so its great when we need to work on things and we all support each other so it’s a good feeling when your in there training.

I seriously have to work more on my floor pressing and getting my strength up for when I get mounted. I have to figure a way to get out much quicker then what I am, ESPECIALLY in MMA.


~ by Christina Sears on August 16, 2008.

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