MMA, BJJ, With a Touch of Boxing!

I decided to change up my Wednesday just a little bit. I know I need to get in some more MMA and Boxing, more then one time a week anyways.

Being in this sport it’s rare to find other females who actually are intense and focused on the task at hand. Most (and I know most of you can agree) come in with their hair all “did”, and their make up on, with their tight shorts and their little tops and they expect jiu jitsu or boxing to be a walk in the park. I mean don’t get me wrong I can admit when a girl is smoking hot, BUT in the same sense there is a time and a place for everything. And I really do feel if your working out, you don’t need to look good for ANYONE.

I’ve worked to hard for the respect I have for some chick to come in and think “wow these boys are cute!”

There are a HANDFUL of women who work hard, and put their blood, sweat and tears in some cases into what they do. I am very fortunate that at HSMA there are a few women like that and they are easy to swift through. You know which ones are going to stick, and which ones won’t.

I can admit when I’m wrong, and I was totally wrong about Christine when she first started. I really didn’t think she took it seriously enough and she just wanted to “fight” like everyone these days. BUT she’s really earned my kudos and respect. She’s more of a stand up fighter about 5’6 or so a good build for her size.

When I was training at HSMA all the time I was stoked to have other women in there training jiu jitsu. BUT I really felt like they didn’t want a piece of me like they were dogging me when it came time to spar. It drove me insane, becuase even though they were knew I coudl have worked on A LOT and learned A LOT from them.

Then I cut it down to training there one day week to not going at all. I felt like I needed to go somewhere, where people would make it rough for me where an hour would feel like two. And at Cutting Edge I always get that beating of a wake up call. All the guys there are strong, and technical its crazy! I litterally feel like its my first day everytime I walk into that gym. But in the same sense I really feel like I am earning their respect up there, which is a good feeling too.

I got some friendly messages on Face book from Christine:

CHRISTINE: well im sad that you arent at hsma as much anymore.

CHRISTINA: meh.. u guys dont grapple with me neways really when i’m there so its no point really to go? haha..

CHRISTINE: you should come back to grappling i got some new killer moves. ya thats rite, im callin you on…… what!?

CHRISTINA: hahaha.. calling me on huh!!! 🙂 r u sure u wanna do that? JK!

CHRISTINE: yes…….? i mean…… AH! (running away)

CHRISTINA: haha.. just becuase i’m not at hsma muchl…. DONT mean i’m not training..haha i’m squatting 110 now.. dead lifting 105… 🙂 hahah i got some tricks of my own there sweet cheeks 🙂

CHRISTINE: i challange you to a dual!!!!

CHRISTINA: haha bring it on sister 🙂 i’m game! its on.. see you tonight at 7pm!!!! your rolling with me.. u can show me your new tricks!!!! 🙂 look forward to sparring with you!!! u’ve been offically called out 🙂 haha

SO since I can only make boxing once a week (unless I’m training it with Coach Marini) I figured maybe Christine would want to do some MMA sparring on the ground and some Boxing on Wednesday’s after everyone leaves. I mean they usually let us stay in there to grapple we might as well use the time to work on stuff together, we have similar goals in this sport we want to achieve.

WHICH brings me to tonight.

We rolled without gloves on at first; I was really just working with the weight difference trying to figure out how to maneuver around things and what not. Trying some of the passes, and stuff that I worked on Monday at Cutting Edge. I had a bit of trouble in side control but managed to find a way out!

We rolled a half hour with MMA gloves on, you could tell she doesn’t do it enough, and I think it’s important that she does that way it can help her in her Sport Jiu Jitsu tourneys. It helps me out too working with a female instead of this brute of a dude on top of me (like at cutting edge). I was surprised at how many times I managed to get a high mount… Ever since Edge showed me that anytime I get mount now i slide up there, and I work for it, becuase for someone MY SIZE it is a lot easier to control a person from that position.

Christine caught me with some good ground and pound from in my guard… Made me think “hey you idiot why don’t you push away from her instead of eating all those punches” eventually I gave myself the message.

For the last half hour we sparred some rounds of just boxing. Christine is a kick boxer and since I haven’t mixed kicks in yet I wouldn’t’ throw them. Didn’t want to take the chance of getting injured. I told her she could throw them if she wanted to I would just try and learn how to check them and what not. But she didn’t which I appreciated.

We did some good rounds, at first she seemed timid I know that she can hit a hell of a lot harder I’ve seen her do it at tourneys. I still need to learn how to slip and weave a lot better but I was trying out that foot movement that Edge was doing with me on Sunday, the one I could never time. And it seemed to work for the most part. I did get caught with a few good combos she threw at me.

It was a pretty solid sparring session, she really opened my eyes on what I need to work on personally, and I’m sure I opened up something for her to work on. I really hope this ends up being an every Wednesday occurrence. It won’t only help me out for when I go to Reno BUT possibly hit up the Worlds in Vegas in 2010.

I really miss not having a solid sparring partner, I mean just when I get comfy with one something happens and they never come back. She seems like she wants to learn and get better, and I mean I could help her with her ground game and she can help me with my stand up. THE only thing she needs to work on over all is to be more aggressive that’s where she’s too much like a “girl” hahaha! Training with guys I learned fast that you can’t be nice because they aren’t going to take it easy on you, and I know in Reno those girls fight full contact. In the rules it says one thing but once you’re on the mats it’s you or her! I’ve already felt the wrath of that.

On the mat, in the cage, in a ring… weather your friends with your opponent or not its business. There is always some degree of respect BUT not until it’s over, they expect you to bring it… as you would them.

It was a good training session, probably the best I’ve had there it was just different!


**Christine & I Sparring**



~ by Christina Sears on August 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “MMA, BJJ, With a Touch of Boxing!”

  1. You are doing well Tina. Make sure to work on you footwork some more, your speed is good and you like to jab a the pocket like sean sherk…it works great for him and it will for you, especially with a tall girl like christine, who could have caught you with some good blows. Watch the clinch and hitting the back of the head. I would love to go toe to toe someday with you.

    love yah kiddo


  2. I’m pretty flattered and I hope it becomes an every Wednesday (took me 4 tries to spell that right) event as well. I really need to get my jab in faster!!! It can be painful to watch your mistakes when you keep doing it OVER and OVER and OVER!! haha!!!
    Great blog tho!!!


  3. very good post
    great site brother!


  4. interesting post, will come back here, bookmarked your site


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