Running at the Waterfront

Usually on the days I have to work (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) I try and take it easy especially when the day before I did a hard work out, and I work out usually 2x’s a day on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

So today is Tuesday, and I have a 5:30 shift at work. I decide to go for a run this morning at the Hamilton Bayfront. Amazing place to walk, run, bike, whatever you want and its right near Hamilton Harbour.

My legs were really (and I mean really sore) from yesterday’s work out for some reason. And instead of taking it easy I decide to go for that run, and not only did I run but I ran to the Dundurn Bridge and then BACK! Usually I run just to that bridge because my back tenses up and I really don’t want to push it if its not fully 100%. I push what I can but usually can’t go any further then that.

I thought that if I had ran, it would really loosen up everything and I wouldn’t be as sore the next day. Well that was probably the stupidest thing I could have thought, because during work I was waddling and walking like I was riding a horse all day or something. Bending down sucked, HELL putting on my pants was probably a bit worse. I almost wanted to just not wear any pants (not really but you understand what I mean).

SO enough of me being a suck, and telling how sore I am the run was fantastic, it was warm out but there was a nice cool breeze that would brush up against me while I ran to keep me cool (unless I stopped). I felt great, wasn’t tired, wasn’t winded, and I would try and speed up here and there and slow down.

I think since I’ve ran Sydenham Road so many times (and that’s a brutal incline run) this here at the Bayfront was a piece of cake. I never use to be able to run that, so I feel good knowing I’m getting back to where I was only this time I’m bulked in muscle not just in shape.

Tomorrow is another day at the gym, and then I have Jiu Jitsu at HSMA at night. Hopefully Christine brings her boxing gloves and MMA gloves that way we can spar on the ground and get some stand up in. That would be wicked, although I’m fairly confident I’m going to be pretty sore. But whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger right? *laughing*



~ by Christina Sears on August 12, 2008.

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