Monday’s Training… Hitting the Weights ALONE!

It was another day at the office, I got suited up in my black shorts (which were big and lose, like basketball shorts), a black t-shirt, my hair in a pony tail and out I went with my Ipod to hit the weights.

This would be the first time I do them with out a spot, so needless to say I was a bit nervous. I mean I AM midget size, god knows knowing my luck my legs will give in and see yeah later weights. *smiles*

I don’t know about anyone else but math isn’t exactly my strong point, there fore I’m stupid when it comes to adding weights on both sides, plus the bar, and whatever else. THAT is way to many numbers for me to bother with ( I do get hit a lot now it can be my excuse). SO I had coach Marini set it out what needed to be put on.

I must have looked like an idot, there is two squat racks at the Phoenix gym and the one I usually use the another dude was at it doing his thing, so I was stuck with the one that is kind of boxed in. I tried to unscrew the thing that holds the bar and I moved the one and the other was on there so tight. I couldn’t even budge it. If someone was watching me they must have got a good chuckle watching me try and get this thing lose. PLUS it was a bit high.. so I sort of had to reach.

BUT the guy finished up on the other one, so I didn’t have to make a dork of myself. I grabbed another bar for my strict presses and started doing my warm up sets (which don’t bother me) and I pumped them out no problem. Then I got to my working sets changed the mood of the song to the song they played in rocky 4 during the training in Russia.

125lbs was what I was squatting today. NOW I’m not the type of person to look at myself in the mirror when working out, as a matter of fact I can’t bring myself to do it. I feel weird (anyone else feel like that). Some people walk up to the fountain, check themselves out do a lap back to where they were working out do a set walk around like juice monkeys and repeat. I find it funny…

SO when I was doing my squats I tried looking at other things, which didn’t work because I felt like I was going to fall over (can you imagine that my god… ). SO I had no choice but to look at myself and the funny faces I was making, and I was probably grunting like a dude in around my last set.

Strict pressing was interesting I brushed the bar against my big sh-naz-ola! It was a close call stupid me again not paying attention to what I was doing. And I looked so tiny holding this huge bar with 70lbs on it above my head. I used a bit of legs to get the thing up there, eventually I wont need legs my arms just have to get use to the fact they are going to lift the weight whether they like it or not!!!

I saw one of the guys that was working near me adding up the weight and his eyes were a bit wide? I guess it looks funny seeing someone my size doing the weight I’m doing. Not that it’s a WHOLE lot but I am pretty frigging small. Some of the younger guys that are usually there in the mornings always watch I feel weird… like I’m doing something wrong or I look like a dork then I look in the gi-normous mirror and realize.. wow I’m short.. that must be it!

SOOO I knew that wasn’t enough of a work out so I looked in my training log at some of the other work outs I’ve done and made up my own work out.

I did some more squats (just with body weight) on a bosu ball. FIRST I had to figure out how I was going to get on the thing without falling on my face, once I had that down it was a piece of ice cream cake (mmm ice cream)!

I did 100 rope turns after that followed by bosu ball push ups with my hands in more not so wide so it really works more tricep! Did that twice ( I know not long enough).

But I grabbed a 6lbs weight and I ended my work out with:

40 straight punches

40 hooks

40 jabs

40 right hands

It was pretty tiring with 6lbs but I’m sure it will help the endurance for my boxing. I never want my jab to be tired because like edge said even if I don’t hit the guy it puts a glove in his face… which will allow me to set up for something else.

THEN it was off to Cutting Edge for some Jiu-Jits!

We worked a lot on butterfly guard, which has become a guard I’ve worked a lot from lately. Hitting this one sweep beautifully, especially now that I’ve been working out my legs. I can lift people with my legs and sweep them from there which is wicked.

Marini and I worked on some MMA stuff Edge showed us, which was really good and helpful from top position! Can’t wait to try that Wednesday (if anyone at HSMA wants to roll with MMA gloves) or Friday when I usually train my MMA.

I didn’t roll tonight, not because I didn’t want too just because the only shorts I brought were the lost basketball like shorts. Which are fine for the gym but I forgot my tights that I usually wear under them. I mean I didn’t want my ass hanging out while rolling, I don’t know about other women, but that’s NOT how I roll. BUT I did watch the rest of them roll learned a few things which was good. Always good to step out of the box and watch sometimes.



~ by Christina Sears on August 12, 2008.

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