Boxing… OH How I Hate it Sometimes…

It’s Sunday, which means an early morning, and an hour and a bit of getting punched in the face. Why anyone would want to have someone hit them as a sport is BEYOND ME, yet I’m doing it.

I know it doesn’t make sense, I agree, but I need to be a rounded fighters so time to suck it up throw on the hand wraps, tighten the head gear, throw in the mouth piece strap on the gloves and get cracking (literally)!

Everyone knows that I come from a wrestling background, so jiu jitsu was a good transition for me, the base and take downs were already there in place. Just needed to remember go to your back not give up your back! And watch for limbs that are out to far (if I didn’t want them ripped off). And it took a few beatings from bigger women (I competed with) … and guys (I train with) to get the hang of it.  MMA ground and pound stuff isn’t too bad, those flow very nicely and work well with my jiu jits.

It’s standing that I’m dreading. I’ve been boxing for 4 months now, at first I really had no desire, no drive to do it. But something came up and I needed to do it, so here I am.

I’m surrounded with lanky people with crazy reach advantages, bigger muscles, stronger hits. I stand there all 4’11 of me and think “why the hell am I doing this again?” 

BUT then it comes to me, and I suck it up. Luckily for me I have patient people that I am working with. NOT that they let up on me or anything but they understand how I work and make me work harder.

I started sparring recently, and apparently I’m aggressive (which is good). I don’t like getting hit but I’m not entirely afraid of it (not like I thought I would anyways). I mean I shy away, but everyone does it’s is a “perfectly human reaction.”

I’m comfortable letting my hands go on the inside, I have no idea where the combos come from but they come and I do it and then try and get out of there before I eat a jab… or three….

Today, Edge was working on some stuff with me, I was quite frustrated but the more I do it the better I will get, I’m sure I’ll be working on that in the gym this week with Coach Marini.

I sparred a few guys today, Artie who is about 5’7, athletic guy who has trained in various arts including muay thai so even if boxing is different he still knows how to get hit and move. And he’s got this jab that just comes at you one after the other, and I know its coming and stupid me walk right into it sometimes. But he’s not too tall so sparring with him doesn’t feel as hard. Not that he’s not a good person to spar with or he’s not good at what he does, I don’t have to worry about this long ass reach and I can still get in and stand with the guy you know? Working with him allows me to try things for when I fight someone my size (if that’s possible).

THEN there was TK. He’s what 6’1 or something stupid like that… he’s got a crisp jab that is followed by a hard right hand so if you get hit with one you’re usually going to catch the other one right after it. Working with him was a bit rough, because of his massive reach, with him I obviously tried to just put a glove in his face (as edge would say) and then get in on the body. I really wanted to work on slipping and weaving and I tried got caught a few times (who am I kidding more then a few), but like I said I have to get use to it. Boxing is harder then it looks there is so much technique involved and your doing so much in one motion.

But everyone I train with gives me a different thing to work on, TK his reach, Artie slipping that frigging jab, Simon I would say making him work he tends to counter a lot I would love to have him just be a bit more aggressive and if I can pull that out of him regardless if I’m still alive or not it would be good * laughing *

And I hope even though I’m relatively new to it that I can challenge these guys as they challenge me. I know I’m only small BUT I like to think sometimes I bring something to the table.

Today was brutal though, like I got hit with some pretty good shots I was actually shocked I didn’t like want to stop. My head was pounding a bit after nothing a little advil wouldn’t cure. The sooner I learn how to move better the less headaches I’ll have I guess * smiles*



~ by Christina Sears on August 11, 2008.

One Response to “Boxing… OH How I Hate it Sometimes…”

  1. Haha well put! I felt like I was reading something that I think on a daily basis. I can’t wait to spar with you again, I can’t beleive how good your stand up is in only 4 months!!!!


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