MMA/Wrestling @ Cutting Edge

Had my MMA/Wrestling training tonight over at Cutting Edge. A lot of people went away form the weekend or something it was a smaller class then usual (which was fine by me) more space to move around in.

Worked a lot of the single arm today, reminded me of wrestling in high school, only I was starting from the bottom again. I haven’t wrestled really since 2003, so I have to get back in the flow of wrestling.

I honestly just wanted to roll though, I love the MMA classes. Standing… I get really frustrated and annoyed but on the ground it’s like my punches are perfect, they land perfect, they are in the right spots ITS MUCH MUCH MORE NATURAL!!!

I rolled with this younger kid first..  He always stalls, I think because he’s still a kid rolling with a female is really uncomfortable which is fine, so I just worked on my positioning and what not I didn’t want to make him feel “unaccomplished” or anything, and I didn’t want to discourage him from the sport. I mean he’s a kid in an adult class where everyone is stronger and bigger he doesn’t need me to add to that. I really know how he feels he’s a kid… and I’m almost his size…  (He’s taller and probably a bit heavier then me maybe).

I think I rolled with coach Marini next, obviously got tooled. He was hitting a lot harder but he likes “t-ing off on me” and he says it with a nice big smile in hopes to get me mad and angry. But I tried, the other time I rolled with him (maybe last week) I was hitting him pretty good, I think the tables were turned and he was getting a bit frustrated. But rolling with someone like him regardless of how big and heavy he is, it good for me. I learn so much by watching guys like him, and training with guys like him. I’m frustrated I’m not 5’9 and 170 or 160 or 6’0 BUT this is what I have to work with… and so far I think I’m doing alright?

The sparring partners got a little bigger and I did 2 rounds with Brandon,  was a great wrestler in high school, and he’s done a few amateur and pro fights, so Brandon started training as well. He’s a bigger guy probably 210 or so muscular guy and he’s been training consistently for maybe 4 months or so now. At Cutting Edge even the new guys are good…

Its obviously harder to maneuver around a bigger guy like Brandon however rolling with him allowed me to work on that. I noticed that when I hit him he would back his head up a bit, so when I hit him twice I got in on him a bit more so after hitting him a few times I would pass his legs (he was in sitting guard) and then take side control or high mount. I got him a few times in high mount and then ground and pounded, another time I took his back and softened him up with punched and sunk in a naked choke.

He got me in a lot of spots I couldn’t move and I know if I was in a fight I would be in great trouble, so its what I’m going to obviously work on. And I can’t use the excuse “weight was an issue.” I’ve been doing this sport TO long now to really complain about the weight differences… (which is why I’m training with crossfit and phoenix with coach Marini)!


~ by Christina Sears on August 8, 2008.

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