Crossfit Workout (Almost Broke)

This morning I went over to Steel City Crossfit to do my work out. I worked late last night so needless to say I was tired already before even starting anything.  BUT if you want to be stronger you got to suck it up right and pull through it.

My work out consisted of:

500m row

dead lifts (12x’s) with 95lbs weights

21 box jumps

And I did that 3x’s. I was a bit nervous to do the dead lifts just because the last time I did them I felt like my back was going to give out on me. But of course that was when it was healing… but I didn’t want to have that pain again…. BUT I took a deep breath when I got to them and tried to just have perfect form I couldn’t believe I was doing 95lbs.. for some strange reason I thought I was lifting only 50lbs. in around when I hurt my back I was dead lifting 105lbs… so its obviously going to take a smidge to get back to where I was. Injuries really suck you know that..!

I HATE ROWING, it seems to be never ending no matter how many meters it is… I seriously just wanted to stop half the time.. but I got a great trainer that doesn’t let me give up on myself… even if I really reallllllllllyyyyy want too.

Coach Marini wanted to try something different today, he brought at 45lbs weight to the field next to the gym, with this “sled.” the sled had a sled bottom but it had a pole in the middle of it… so you can throw on weight and it wont move around… he then tightened a harness to my body and attached me to this sled. The sled itself was 45lbs…

He then told me I was going to pull that across the field, something I never done before.. and I literally could throw my body forward and that thing seemed like it wasn’t going to move…

I threw on my IPod… trying to get some motivation… an image in my head because when I listen to music I see pictures… my mind works in video hahaha 😛 (gay I know)..

SO I had on “stronger” by kayne west a song I always listen too when I’m doing crossfit work outs, but it wasn’t doing it for me… I finished the first pull… It was the first time my legs actually felt really tired. I was really grunting while I was pulling… and coach Marini would hold out his hand for me to touch it and just when I was close he would go back a bit more and say “FIGHT FOR IT.. PULL”  and  some how I got a burst of energy for that little bit more…

For the 2nd pull I threw on (and don’t laugh) “eye of the tiger” from the rocky soundtrack.. BUT the only thing I could see in my head was the training montage from rocky 4 in Russia… Which is my favorite one… he pulled a sled in that one with Paulie on it I believe.. in the snow? and on the ice?

Coach Marini was telling me to pull, and I was screaming at this point.. (probably sounded like someone was trying to kill me) but I felt more energized when I was grunting and screaming… ALL I could think to myself was ” how bad do you want this… pull dammit…” My legs were getting that numb feeling… like when your trying to bust out one more rep and you have NO POWER almost to push it out? Same kind of feeling….

My 3rd and final pull I could feel how tired my legs were… my feet were slipping on the grass I had no grip which made it that much harder. I had to really dig my feet in and PUSH!

One more round of eye of the tiger.. only this time I was picturing being in a fight… last round… and I need to dominate this round to win… submit, knock out, or just tear her a new hole the entire round.. whatever it takes….

I closed my eyes focusing on the music.. on the sunario I had in my head and I grunted and pulled and at some point my legs gave in to fatigue and I said “I’ve got nothing left… I can’t do it” and I knew Coach Marini wasn’t about to give up on me.. even though my iPod over powered his voice I know he was yelling to keep going.. and to fight for it and to pull… so for SOME REASON I got back up and PULLED harder.. and I made sure I FINISHED that god dam work out… I owed it to myself…

Then he told me it was 90lbs.. .and I was in awe… for those of you who have never met me I’m really small.. 4’11 isn’t almost midget you know… (not that there is anything wrong with that) AND I guess I should be proud of some of the weight I can do because I AM so tiny… Next crossfit work out I’m going to attempt to flip the much heavier tire… the 400lbs one.. I can do that 250lb one so they want to see how I’m going to do with the bigger one (even if its just to attempt it)… if not 250 it is…

I train again today at 7 jiu jitsu… (hopefully get in some mma sparring)…



~ by Christina Sears on August 6, 2008.

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