Friday’s MMA Training

I started off my day by hitting up Crossfit to do some lifting. We were going to do a Crossfit work out after my lifting but I had only got like 3 hours of sleep (it was a late night at work)… and I had worked 8 or so hours straight, so needless to say I was completely wiped out.

Coach Marini had me Squatting 125lbs… (which is more then my body weight, I now weight 110lbs) and we did strict pressing. I was strict pressing 70lbs which was a bit hard but when I start a new weight it usually takes till the end of the week to really push out the reps… SO I wasn’t too worried about it.

After I took a needed nap.

Trained again tonight doing MMA at Cutting Edge. We went over a lot from the clinch, and head and arm.. it was a great wrestling review for me for the most part. My back was a bit sore but nothing I couldn’t handle (NOTHING compared to the pain when I first injured my back).

Then did some mma sparring on the ground, I feel really comfy on the ground and I’m finding ways to soften people up so I can submit then or move to a better position. Edge was sparring with me an diet me take his back and let me get use to working from the top for once.. it felt really good I felt pretty competent..

HOPEFULLY on Wednesdays I can get in some more mma with some of the GIRLS that train over at my other gym HSMA that I train at. Maybe one week do mma sparring, the next week some boxing (mixed up with some mma stuff)… hopefully the girls are down with that. SOME of them aren’t too hardcore.. and need to really step it up if they want to go far. I mean they are doing good, but not nearly enough to reach the point they need to be at for the competitions they want to be in.. I know because I trained like them, and I competed in those competitions and I learned the hard way…

Anyways.. time to shower up… eat.. maybe watch a movie.. then go to bed…

PS: I’m thinking about posting a training highlight so keep your eyes peeled for that!!!


~ by Christina Sears on August 1, 2008.

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  1. You are Huge


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