Monday’s Training


  It has been quite awhile since I’ve written a blog, sorry everyone I’ve been quite busy.  So here is an update on what’s been shaking!


Well since school ended I’ve been hitting up the gym almost everyday working on my strength and conditioning. If you’ve read so of my previous blogs it mainly talked about my training at the gym (because I have to keep a little log with my trainer).

ANYWAYS, my update for the gym is as follows, I am currently….


Squatting 125lbs

Strict Pressing 70lbs

Floor Pressing 90lbs

Dead Lifting 105lbs


I wish I had some updated pictures to show you, but I went from being 103ish pounds to now walking around at 112lbs.


I still have a long way to go though, but its coming with time. I was sick and tired of being the smallest in a division and that ALWAYS BEING THE EXCUSE. When you have been training and competing for 8 years, you should know by NOW what your getting yourself into and learn how to be better, and that is what I’m striving for.


I train at Cutting Edge MMA & Fitness Monday’s, Friday’s, & Sunday’s


I train at Hamilton School of Martial Arts Wednesday’s

And I’m doing my strength & conditioning at Phoenix Fitness & Steel City Crossfit


Monday-Friday (and when I can Saturday and Sunday’s if I’m not working.)


So needless to day after school, I really got back into the swing of things.


Since I’ve changed up  my training, I notice a difference I’m a bit more technical, stronger, and I’m learning a lot from the many people I encounter when I’m training.


I’ve got some great people I’m working with at all the gyms and they are all contributing to making me a better fighter.

I was kind of talking to some close to me about fighting… someone close to me I train with all the time, and has pretty much watched me grow in the last 3 months…  And he really seems to believe that maybe in the next year or so I could be doing amateur MMA fights.


I’ve never thought about it, because I didn’t think I had the mental toughness to go along with everything else MMA fighters go though, HOWEVER after seeing a girl I fought at a BJJ tourney fight in her 6th MMA fight and feeling like if I was only 145 I would be able to tap her out got me really thinking (what if…).

I’m not saying that I’m going to do it…. But I’m not ruling it out either. There are some amazing female fighters out there especially in Bodog and EliteXC!


And I would love to roll with them, and jump in there with them. They are serious about the sport and want to be there and its hard to find that. I can almost guarantee that all of them train with the men of their gym, and work so hard. WHY wouldn’t I want to be a part of that I could learn so much.


I know I’m going to still be small, but I was looking up some fighters who actually fight at 107 or 108lbs, and if I can get to 115.. that would be perfect for me. THERE is no way a women (or anyone) would drip from like 125 or so to go down to 107lbs, that’s just so unhealthy.


I’ve really been trying to work on my boxing, and I have a long way to go but its getting there. I started sparring (that’s new). I honestly thought that I would shy away and close my eyes and cover up more then throw my hands. HOWEVER I get hit and still move forward apparently that’s a good thing…


After my strength and conditioning I’m there with the gloves on hitting the pads with my training partner trying to work on things I’m weak on when I spar. EVERYONE I spar not only out weighs me (which I’m use too) BUT they  are much taller then I am, so now I have the reach against me… SO I’m putting in the extra time to be better on my feet and not be a one dimensional fighter but that will all obviously come with time and with work.


So that’s pretty much what’s been new with me!



~ by Christina Sears on July 28, 2008.

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