Tuesday’s Phoenix Workout

I did some core and conditioning today and took a break from my lifting. The core stuff didn’t bother me. It was all pretty straight forward and easy. I mean it did get a big harder around the last set, but I didn’t feel like I was weak.

The man makers sucked. Everything felt tight and I got tired after maybe the first few I did. It just reminded me of how much more I have to do with my conditioning. They sucked and I didn’t want to do them, but I did and coach Marini pushed me through the rest. I finished them and felt better once I got through them.


100 Rope Turns (2 rounds)

20 Man Makers  *with 10lbs* (2 rounds)

50 bicycles (3 rounds)

20 v-ups (3 rounds)

12 supermen (3 rounds)

15 minute up hill walk


~ by Christina Sears on July 8, 2008.

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