Monday @ Phoenix

My mind wasn’t really into training. I went into the gym with a cloudy head, full of anger instead of focusing on the work out at hand.

Lifting the weights was fine, I channeled all my anger into pumping out the reps. And since my mind was elsewhere I didn’t even feel my muscles getting sore.

Then we did dead lifts, which at first felt weird. I didn’t have a while lot of weight on there, but I didn’t care, it let me get my dead lift technique down. My back felt fine, still was a bit worried about it. But I’ve got a good trainer who knows my limits.

I was beginning to get lost in my thoughts which brought me further from my task which was now chin ups and dips.

For some reason I felt all eyes on me, judging me. But it could have been nerves from what happened today. I found myself frustrated and annoyed and taking it out on my trainer. Every time he said something I got annoyed and just kept on saying how stupid all this was. After I finished he cut the rest of the work out. I felt bad, but I was full of anger and my head just wasn’t there and I think he realized that.. and maybe it was for the best!



~ by Christina Sears on June 23, 2008.

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