Wednesday’s Workout

I just realized coach Marini upped my weight on floor press to 70lbs. I didn’t even know the difference. I thought I was still lifting 65lbs. I never pay attention to weight, because eventually I’m going to have to lift it.

Same with the dead lifts I didn’t realize I was lifting 70lb, I thought I was doing like 35lbs or something like that. 70lbs felt really light to me, I sort of feel strong now hahaha!

Maybe some people are right, I am stronger then what I give myself credit for. I think coach Marini is going to exploit that, I’m convinced he’s determined to make anyone who rolls with me feel that they are with someone 100lbs heavier then them haha and not with a 4’11 girl.

My mind started to break with the box jump burpees. My legs were tired and after every jump I felt like that box was getting higher. I even slipped off once (SOOOO ANNOYING)!

I did Turkish get ups after that with 10lbs my arms felt tired but I felt like I would do a bit more then 10lbs.



~ by Christina Sears on June 20, 2008.

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