Friday’s Workout

I felt strong when doing the floor presses, I could probably do 70lbs easy. My fore arms get quite a work out though. I’m not use to the “straight wrists” but its much more comfy that way.. doesn’t put a strain on them.. just works the fore arms more..

As always my legs were tired, but I know I could squat 105lbs. My legs and butt are starting to look WAY better when is exciting to see. I’m sure that will help with my throws, submissions and my guard.

The pikes and superman didn’t bother me. I can’t wait to get rid of this “tire” of a gut I have, and actually have a mid section that looks good.

Then coach Marini had me do burpees, rows and wall ball again. my brain gave in before everything else. I think the rows were the worst part of that work out. I felt weak and it bothered me.



45lbs (warm up) x5

65lbs (warm up) x5

100lbs (working set) 3 sets of 5

Floor Press:

45lbs (warm up) 2 sets of 5

65lbs (working set) 3 sets of 5

Pikes (x20)

Superman (x10)

Wall Ball (x10)

Burpees (10x)

Row (10 calories)

**for 5 rounds**



~ by Christina Sears on June 20, 2008.

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