Monday @ Crossfit

Coach Marini had me start with a 1000m row. I hate rowing it makes me feel really weak and shows me how unconditioned I am, and that was just a warm up.

Floor press was a bit weird to get use to and my arms were a bit shaky but I was proud to do 65lbs. Apparently this is really jiu jitsu specific and its going to help me get the “brutes” off when I’m grappling. I felt it a lot in my fore arms. They were pretty tight (probably because you have to keep your wrists straight).

Upped the squats to 100lbs, I felt fine, my back didn’t hurt. 100lbs actually felt really easy.

The we did 150 wall ball. My mind couldn’t keep with it. I would do a few and walk away it really frustrated me. Coach Marini finished his and pushed me through mine (which to be honest helped). I was saying how I can’t do it and as much as I felt I couldn’t and didn’t want to it really helped not having him give up on me. I really have to learn how to keep a strong mind, its the only thing that is breaking me right now.



~ by Christina Sears on June 16, 2008.

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