MMA Friday @ Cutting Edge

It was a hot one here in Hamilton.. and being in the city doesn’t help much on days like this I totally wish I was in the country. I was in the sun today doing stuff… therefore got a sunburn on only the LEFT side of my body.. friggin annoying as hell!

Went to training HOPING there weren’t a lot of guys there because then it would be CRAZY hot in the gym… Most of the guys I train with are pretty big… about 170-260lbs.. hardly any little guys…

BUT there were only 6 of us there which was awesome.. one was training for his fight at the end of the month so he really had it the worse. Everyone beating him (well not beating on him) but we went harder with him..

I wasn’t as scared of getting hit today I was kind of on top of my game moving really well ( I think) so a few good taps to the face.. but meh… Tried to work from the top…

 OH the doc for my back says I can go on doing my regular things.. do my exercises to strengthen the muscles and what not in my back… and I should stay pretty solid.. when he tested to see the strength of my back Wednesday and it was a lot stronger then 2 weeks ago.. so I go back in a month to see how everything is going… which is awesome…

BUT anyways training went well MINUS the sun burn on my body hahaa!



~ by Christina Sears on June 6, 2008.

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