Crossfit & Cutting Edge

I did my crossfit work out at 2pm Instead of doing the normal crazy strength and conditioning work out I did some lifting instead. I haven’t done much lifting since I found out about the S.I Sprain in my back.. But I felt a bit stronger so I thought I would give it a go…

I pressed 65lbs and I squatted 95lbs.. Which isn’t too shabby for right now. So I will be lifting that for the rest of the week and then next week adding 5lbs and so on…

I did help Adam with Marini’s work out.. He made him do 100 sprawls and he had to do it in a good time. But after he sprawled Adam would punch him on the way up almost to emulate sprawling and getting back up and having a guy throw some punches at you if you took a bad shot.. So it’s almost like a double drill.. Sprawling… to make sure your quick on getting up and what not.. And the other part is if you take a bad shot getting up quick and covering up incase punches are thrown…

He didn’t do too bad considering he did a crazy work out earlier in the day.. And he had to beat his 1st time (which he didn’t) so Adam made him do another 100… ALL together the kid did 100 sprawls… BUT I mean he didn’t give up which I totally admire about him sometimes…

Cutting Edge was at night.. Doing no gi BJJ, which wasn’t too bad.. Worked with jay on some techniques and did some drill sand what not.. It wasn’t bad I really love working with him… he’s a bigger guy probably about 200lbs (lost a lot since training with edge) and he’s really strong… PLUS he doesn’t let up cause I’m little which I like… 🙂 he’s totally going to be a good help for this thing in November!

Did some rolling it went good.. I felt great wasn’t sore or anything (like my back).. Which was good… It was sooo hot though.. Training there feels like you’re training in the dead heat of Nevada hahah seriously!



~ by Christina Sears on June 2, 2008.

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