Boxing @ Cutting Edge

It was a BAD day for me this morning in training. I worked on my combos, and footwork and what not… like I have been for a month now… I know a month seems like a long ass time but with work I can only box 1x a week with Bryan Edge and then the rest of the time I’m hitting pads with Marini at Crossfit going over things I need too from that ONE DAY I box…

ANYWAYS… He added some simple things to my combos.. Doing a cover up drill, and some parries.. And what not… BUT he was hitting me a little to get me use to things.. I was getting weird about getting hit.

BEFORE YOU SAY IT I know I’m in the WRONGGGG sport if I don’t want to get hit HOWEVER… I don’t think its that I don’t want to get hit.. I think I’m not use to it.. For one… AND for two I’m scared.. yeah yeah scared…

I don’t know if any of you remember backing like…. 06 probably.. I was in Ottawa and I got knocked out by a 3rd degree black belt from Austria that I almost tapped out with a triangle choke.. After she almost passed out she broke my triangle coming forward (going out cold) and I was a little one back then not as strong as I am now.. And she was 60lbs heavier.. Anyways she got a mount and I remember her forearm being in my throat (which in bjj tourneys here its illegal) and then she threw some elbows to my face.. Last thing I remember my mouth guard fell out… I don’t remember anything else…

I DO remember coming too and being in so much pain, I felt like I had no legs, my heart was racing, I had everyone around me… it was the word feeling in the world.. And I’m scared that since I’m training with BIG guys… that might happen. NONE of them will hit me hard enough for that to happen (its all in my head) but that’s where I think its getting to me you know???

STUPID to some.. But huge to me.. Since I’m a grappler at heart…

Edge was really good about keeping me relaxed.. He said let me hit you.. Build some confidence then block… and he kept on me when I was getting frustrated and walking away because I didn’t like how I felt when I was getting hit… AND he said “your doing fine… lets go”… and was just on me.. Which I appreciated a whole lot… I got a great team working with me… and pushing me.. They know I can do whatever I set my mind to and they don’t let me short change myself..

BUT MAN.. Like… I’ll be honest its going to be harddddd to get over that.. He’s going to have me sparring soon… and like I don’t know if I’m ready… When we do the MMA classes he tells the guys.. Just because I can “claim” I’m a lady don’t mean they can’t hit me.. I’m there to train.. So I’m getting no special treatment.. haha he says “claim” because I always make cracks about the “penis” I don’t have hahaha! I’m always saying stuff like “suck my dick” or “I wont tape it to my leg for you I’ll let it sit on your face” hahaha just stupid stuff… CAUSE I’m always one of the guys you know?

BUT yeah.. Like Edge keeps drilling into my head… there is going to be NO GIRL that I will fight that’s going to be BIGGER and stronger then the guys I train with. The guys I train with are big, strong, and skilled… and if I can hold my own with them… when it comes down to a FEMALE…around my size… its going to feel like NOTHING!

But I’m going to be honest.. today’s training.. like mentally.. was draining for me…

I’m reading a book on  mental strength for athletes.. its a really good book actually so far I’m learnign a lot and I see where my faults are more and more as the chapters go on… SO .. maybe it will help me out with this boxing thing..

“mind over matter”


PS: Congrats to Pulver and Faber One of the best fights I’ve seen in awhile.. and I think ALL fights should have that much heart and respect… the UFC needs more of that… for sure… I love watching welter weights and lower…. the skill level is retarded and its usually quick and fast.


~ by Christina Sears on June 1, 2008.

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