Friday’s MMA Training @ Cutting Edge

Well… lets just say after crossfit I had this HUGE friggin migraine.. my second one in 2 days.. like I had a mean one yesterday and another one day during my work out but got worse after it… worse then it already was…

It really put me on my ass between training sessions. I had to take a nap to maybe ease it a bit it was hard to keep my eyes open and what not.

So ended up going to cutting edge for some MMA…

Rolled with edge first round.. OMG haha… he gave this spiel about how I’m in a men’s class and Cutting Edge doesn’t discriminate against women… we can do anything these days and if I’m there in the class training.. I get the same treatment and I need to learn how to get hit so he told everyone to HIT ME.. he’s like hahaha “even though she might TRY and say she’s a lady… she still gets hit like everyone” HAHAHAH it was sooo funny when he said it everyone was laughing..

He’s a really really technical BJJ guy amazing fighter too… So already rolling with him I feel littler haha! BUT he started mixing it up with the hitting and I found myself like really not wanting to be hit (which is normal)… BUT MY GOD.. at one point towards the end of the round he just started hitting and got mount and I eventually wanted to turtle and I just started covering up hahah didn’t do anything… all I could think about were those punches it was BAD!!! but its something he knows and I know I need to work on.. HAHA I never said I was a mma fighter… OH NO I’m a grappler THATS IT! I’m only mixing it up for shits 🙂 hahaha!

BUT yea… then I rolled with some other guys my legs are just so sore from training today.. and like training Wednesday too because we did squats Wednesday too well thrusters which have a squat to them plus the running.. and then today omg… haha

Cutting Edge tomorrow in the am.. bright and early *yawns* so I better jet to bed



~ by Christina Sears on May 30, 2008.

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