Crossfit Wednesday

Went to Steel City Crossfit today to do my work out. MY GOD! haha

Adam had us doing the following:

400m SPRINT!

21 Thrusters

12 Pull Ups


Right in a row, from one to the other!

You have to finish it in the best time possible and they have this board with the best times so that’s pretty much the motive behind this. I finished it in 22 minutes… NOT too bad..

Honestly… I hated the pull ups.. I hate them because the bar tears into my hands… I don’t mind the running and the thrusters.

in the 3rd and 4th  round I started to get this cramp that went from the middle of my chest to the middle of my back. It was hard to take in deep breaths and what not and I felt like I couldn’t breathe out properly. ALMOST like someone was squeezing me as I was trying to breath heavy… BRUTAL! But I had to push through it.

Marini finished before I did and Adam was focused on me in the end yelling at me to finish the thrusters and bang them out. Marini also in the background yelling. I dropped the bar at like 15 thrusters because my arms were tired and Adam picked it back up and placed it in position on me… and said “LETS GO OR WE ARE STARTING AT ONE” I pushed through those and he followed behind me hustling me to the pull up bar.. I got up there and my arms were done.. he was like “LETS GO PUSH THEM OUT” they were ripping at my hands and I tried to push them out best I could…

Marini finished his work out after that.. I had a protein shake and rested… I have grappling tonight and then working on stuff for my black belt so its going to be a long night too… My hands are still sore and torn up from the pull ups… haha!

6 more months till Reno!!!



~ by Christina Sears on May 28, 2008.

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