So, update on my training….

I train 4x’s a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday!!!I joined the Phoenix Fitness Gym in Dundas Ontario which also gives me access to the Steel City Crossfit gym just down the road. At Crossfit that’s where my “boot camp” training begins. I work with Adam Morden he’s a certified boxing instructor that’s familiar with the fight game PLUS he’s a wicked personal trainer as well. I also work with Simon Marini who is very very involved in MMA because he is a professional fighter himself.
Anyways… On Monday, Wednesday, Fridays we do “crossfit” work outs. All the work outs have women’s names. And usually the goal is to finish the work out in the best time you can (to probably beat someone else) or get as many reps of whatever work out your doing in under a certain amount of time. REGARDLESS the work out, after one round your dying… even the most fit die with in the first few rounds. Adam really really works us hard and its all fight specific. Nothing I’ve ever done before… When I look at all access for the UFC and what not… and you see training from Sean Sherk and what not that’s the type of intense training I’m talking about…Everything from flipping tires, sledge hammer work outs, kettle bells, etc.. The list goes onnnnn.Honestly, I probably would never have what it took to be a professional MMA fighter and keep up with the training schedule they have. I’m trying to get stronger and what not for my big thing in Reno in November… and THE worst part is the weight training and what not.

I found the crossfit training has kind of got easier… the first time I did it I nearly wanted to die.. It gets a bit easier and I’ve seen results already and it’s been a month… My arms are bigger my legs have way more definition and my bum is nicer hahaha :0) (just kidding thought I would throw that in there).

But Adam is really good at pushing us and giving us a goal with ever exercise we are doing. Like for rows getting it under a certain time, push presses getting so many reps in etc… And with the weight lifting he’s very technical making sure we don’t throw out or backs and what not.

The first time I started flipping tired they gave me the 250lbs tire… i remember the first time i did it i wanted to die i thought there is NOOO way i can flip this 4x’s… just last week i did it no problem and then continued with the rest of the stuff he had us doing…

SOOO after about a 15 min – 30 min hard crossfit work out… I grab a shake (thanks to PDN in Burlington for supplying me with alllllll my heath needs), and then most likely take a nap. AND my training isn’t done there…


Also on MON, WED, FRI I go to my bjj/mma training at Cutting Edge MMA in Caledonia Ontario. Bryan Edge is a fighter himself with a purple belt in BJJ. HE’S VERYYYY technical and really has helped my game out a lot. On WEDNESDAYS however I train at Arts working with some Olympians and World Champions on my Jiu JItsu and my Judo skills. Mark Simon also a smaller guy is also very technical and has giving me the foundation in this sport. I’m working with him right now to grade for my black belt which should be coming up in a few weeks. With the Judo I work with Kimberly Ribble a Canadian Olympian… and she’s so strong and women I really look up too.

Sundays…. is a bit easier… I do my boxing at Cutting Edge… and bryan is forever critiquing my boxing and making sure my form and what not is good… he doesnt’ want me getting caught.. And I think I’ve gotten a bit better in a month that I’ve been doing it. THANK god he’s patient with me seriously I’m not the easiest when it comes to boxing… I get so frustrated easily and its soooo much to remember at one time… like… it’s crazy…

SOOO all and all I’m doing fine… I have a pic I posted of me in a bikini on here but before you get your panties in a knot I only posted it to show you what I looked like last summer… when I wasn’t really training all that hard… and I’m going to be taking a  pic possibly Friday…. to show the improvement in a month doing the crossfit work outs and everything else… every month I hope to have an updated picture…

I have a lot of great people pushing me.. And GOD KNOWS I need to be pushed. I mean I love BJJ and MMA however… being the smallest all the time sucks.. And some fighters hate cutting weight others hate say boxing or whatever I hate lifting weights and what not…. So I have great people like Adam and what not pushing me telling me “you can do it let’s go” and it really helps and I’m sure I’m not the easiest to train too… BUT I will keep you posted.

I’ve been distant fro my blog lately because I’ve been working and training a lot.. And by the time I’m done I’m zonked. I understand why MMA fighters take as many naps as possible hahaha!

BUT I’m going to be reporting a lot more for Magazine you can check them out my stuff is up there and also on my website! I usually try and post my articles here also but all the info is on my site.

Hope everyone is doing well though I appreciate everyone’s emails back with their information PLEASE feel free to keep me posted on upcoming events in your area, and what not I would love to pass on the messages to other people and potential fighters.

You can reach me at those emails!

Keep in touch







~ by Christina Sears on May 20, 2008.

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