I DID It Folks

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It has been about 10 months since I last wrote a blog, how crazy is that considering I use to write in my blog all the time. I actually miss writing I’ve been Vlogging a lot over the last bit. Well not a WHOLE LOT… but more then writing haha. So, on my last update I talked a little about going back to school. How I made the decision to demote myself at my current job at that time so I could take on this new journey and learn something new for a different career path.

I’m not going to lie (and I think I mentioned in the last blog) I was so scared after I pressed my acceptance to the program. I wasn’t really sure what the next seven months was going to look like or if I could even handle it. WELL I’m proud to say that after my acceptance into the Early Childhood Education (Intensive) Program at Mohawk College, and after 7 long months of studying, assignments, and placements I have completed my program this past August. I worked really hard in my semesters and made the Dean’s list for both my winter and summer semesters. I graduated this past October with Honours. I was never the smartest to pull off the marks I did in school, even when I was in Journalism I never pushed myself.

This time around, I had more to lose then to gain if I didn’t push myself. I sacrificed my time with Mac and the Girls, my family, and my relationship. I took a huge huge pay cut by demoting my position at work just to make time to do this. But I feel being 31, and having so much more motivation to succeed I really couldn’t focus on anything else other then the light at the end of the tunnel.

My goals of graduating this time WITH a job, connecting with people and developing solid contacts. I did graduate school with a job offer with the HWCCCC Corporation, I made A LOT of new friends in my program. Many, many, many of these women are mothers, university graduates and just some of the most talented and inspirational people I could surround myself with. I was truly lucky, because I never felt a long when I was frustrated and I always had a classmate to help me work it out as I hope I helped them too during that time. I had professors that were so supportive and really wanted to see us succeed. I had a fantastic support system starting with my family, and extending to my friends (you all know who you are).

So I am currently working at a child care centre building my contacts, my portfolio, and building another name for myself so I can then move to another sub chapter in my life because my journey is far from over, but I have to remember that you always walk one foot in front of the other, and I still my trip on my laces but I have to tie them back up and keep walking forward to the next goal.

McKayla and the girls are doing fantastic, and are growing up so quickly, all of them with their own personality.



SURPRISE: I’m a Student AGAIN!

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Well, if you didn’t know you will now I have decided to go back to school. Yes, yes you totally read that right!!! Are you shocked? Some of you might be! Last year I went on a vacation to Orlando Florida for a week, obviously the purpose for the trip was to go to Disney, spend time with family and obviously McKayla in this new adventure she was on. New country, an exciting place, in an open ocean, so many different experiences. BUT while I was on this vacation away I tried to still get a lot of thinking done. Now that funeral costs were finished, court cases were settled, Steve and I could actually reflect on ourselves and maybe try and pick up a little of where we left off before our lives went a little off path.

I always knew when Journalism did not work out I wanted to do something else. I just wasn’t sure what the right time would be, or would there be a right time, could I change and find another path in life. Like other people my age, some of us find it hard to want to change something and get our of our comfort zone. I always had family and friends give me their input on what they think I should be doing which was fine but no matter how much someone tells you what they think you have to really reflect on what you think. SO long story short awhile after my vacation I inquired about the Early Childhood Education program at Mohawk college, I found out more about the program and what my options are.

I took that information and the first one I discussed it with was obviously Steven, after all we are practically married anyways (LOL). He obviously seen how much this meant to me and literally said “if this is what you want, we will make it work.” I found out that I didn’t have to do the two year ECE program, that I actually qualified to apply to the ECE Intensive course which is basically the fast track, so they condense the two years of ECE into 7 months. Obviously it is not my luck to just get the green lights all the way though this process, I had a late acceptance into the program because the college saw that I did not have a “Sociology” or something like it in my transcripts for this program, I wasn’t impressed because it was the college that said I was in good standing for the program. BUT after marching down to the college and talking to a representative in the administration office we with communication with the program co-ordinator we came up with a compromise that I would take the Sociology online and need to successfully pass it before August when my course is completed.

Through this process, I can tell you that I definitely had my doubts, I was scared, I was nervous, I wasn’t 100% sure, I just had SO many emotions about this. BUT with the great support system I had, they weren’t about to let me tap out just yet and knew it wasn’t in my character to just give in when stuff gets tough. I am happy to day that I’m almost completed my online course and so far so good, I have my exam February 11th at Mohawk College. I have also completed my first full two weeks in class, and I can tell you that I sit in class everyday and think about how much of the right decision I made and how it is now up to me to make the most of this experience and really really put myself out there. I”m so excited to move forward with this part of my life, and this year is definitely going to be an exciting one.

Aside from my family, Steve and my friends the one BIG support system was my little Mac Attack! I can tell you that she came into my life and I looked at this little girl (who was four at the time) and was scared, but she showed me that if she can be strong, I can be strong. She also made me realize that working with children is what I truly wanted to do. Seeing some of the differences I’ve made in her life, and some of the impact I had on her life really is humbling but what she doesn’t realize yet is that she’s one of the big reasons I made this leap and hoped for the best. I wanted her to reach for her worth, and know she get grab it, everyday I woke up and wanted to make an impact wherever I went. Although my job at the time allowed me to be creative and interactive in different ways, I really didn’t feel like I was making an impact. I felt like a lot of what I had to offer was just going to waste.

It’s funny, in an ice breaker exercise (I’m sure everyone liked those in school), one of the questions was “How would you like to be remembered.” I know kind of a morbid question, but really think about it when you look back when your over 100 years old HOW would you like to be remembered. When a classmate asked me that it pretty much ice the cupcake as to why I chose this new path. I know I want to be remembered as someone who always made a positive impact in someones life, who motivated people, who taught them something (big or small), and someone they felt comfortable with. That’s how I want to be remembered!! 🙂



Rousey Vs Holm

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If you are not into the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), You will most likely find this blog post a little boring. I have not blogged about MMA in GOD KNOWS HOW LONG.

I use to watch UFC  a lot, and I loved hanging out with friends and watching the fights. Training very heavily in MMA (once upon a time ago) it really opened my eyes to what these athletes truly go through.

I remember then Dana White stood up at a press conference (or in an interview) and said women WOULD NEVER fight in the UFC… and along came Women’s MMA (in the UFC), which was amazing.

There are women fighters who really can be thanked by the women athletes fighting in the UFC today, because without them we would never see women fighting in the UFC.

Which now brings me to my next little piece I want to talk about. I’ve been following Rousey’s rise to fame since her first UFC fight. I’ve had people I’ve competed with (in grappling) and I have followed since I trained in MMA be put against her and lose. No doubt she’s a tough competitor, I’m not taking that away from her. Like every fighter she’s had to really irk for what she has.

With that being said, there are a lot of holes in her game I watched a video that talked about some of the things Rousey does in every fight that women probably prepared for but couldn’t execute for some reason. Rousey comes from a Judo background, her stand up game needs a lot of work. When I was reading her challenging Mayweather all I could do was laugh and hope it was a publicity stunt. If Mayweather fought an MMA match with Rousey he better home she doesn’t take him down (because he’s not an MMA fighter he’s a boxer) and vide versa for Rousey.

I watched her carry herself in probably the worse possible way. I think this is why she’s been trolled so much by everyone when she lost. People were probably fed up with her attitude. It had nothing to do with not touching gloves in the match, its a fighters decision to do that… but the way she carried herself at the weigh in’s saying she will show Holm why she is “the champ.” I think at that moment she believed everyone who was saying “she’s the most dominate fighter…”

Women’s MMA is still evolving considerably, and there are not many people in that weight class that are in line for that title shot. There were a lot of people talking about seeing a Cyborg/Rousey fight but Rousey was not doing a catch weight, when she fought heavier then she does now in the UFC in her previous competitions. WHY? Because I think we can all agree that Cyborg would have really showed the holes in her game as Holm did.

I didn’t know much about Holm, other then the spiel that was said before the fight, when I read she was fighting out of Albuquerque New Mexico I thought “I wonder if she trains with Greg Jackson”, sure enough there is Greg in her corner getting set up for this fight. At that moment I knew Holm had one up on her competition because Greg Jackson is an EXCELLENT coach who knows how to break down fights and train his fighters well to have the outcome in their favour.

After that first round (like many I’m sure) I was in awe of this Holly Holm women who was just dominating the fight and even took the champ down.   In the second round I was not shocked that she knocked Rousey out, I was shocked about how badly she destroyed her.

I knew because she lost there was going to be A LOT of backlash against her because of how she always carried herself. I don’t think people ever doubted she could fight, was she amazing… no she had a lot of work to do but could she get the job done YES. I think people were just tired of the attitude and when she lost most of them let her know why.

I’m extremely happy for the new champ she trained super hard and executed her coaches plan perfectly and I’m sure she will be working that much harder in the rematch (because there will be a rematch) to keep that belt.

I don’t think it was the biggest upset in the UFC I think it was the biggest reality check.


Change in the Air

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Good Morning to everyone who is reading this currently. Well… wait… it is morning for me right now but I guess if your somewhere else in the world or depending what time your reading this its probably not exactly the morning… How can I fix this here…. Good (insert time of day here) to you all <– (I think I nailed it haha)!

Just like the season changing there is a lot of change going on with me as well, those in my close circle know everything that is going on BUT I thought I would share a little bit to the rest of you who have no clue and have been sending me messages wondering where my Vlog posts are not as frequent, and why I haven’t been Vlogging as much. On the Vlog front I hope to be participating in “Vlogmas” so basically you blog everyday in December leading up to Christmas. I think It would be a super awesome time to blog because its typically a busy season around especially for me because I work in retail. So I promise I will try and get some blogs up for you guys when I can. I do have some awesome time lapses I took here and there that I totally want to share with you in the Vlogs. 

WHY I haven’t been Vlogging is because there is a lot going on right now in my personal life. I’ve been making a lot of decisions  which will be gearing me into another path in the new year. That announcement will be later on in december. I’ve decided to do some online schooling and I’m currently taking “Intro to Sociology.” I’ve never done online learning before and I’m not sure how successful I will be at it because I’m more of an “in class learner”. At the same time I feel like the busier I am in my personal life the more productive I am, so I already handed in my first assignment, and read the first chapter of my book (I need to now read chapter two). Reading both chapters is part of next week’s assignment so I’m partly done the reading bit which is a relief. I think i might like Sociology, it talks about people and how they work in some of it and maybe it will help me understand certain people better. 

So why did I decide to take some online courses… Well before Stephanie died I knew that i wanted to do something different in life, I wanted to invest in a noter career path one that I was not only passionate about but also one that I would be making decent money. I feel like when your in high school and your talking to everyone around you including your guidance councillors and teachers they always tell you “you have to go to uni and college to make good money and have a good job.” I’ve learned (and wish someone told me this when I was 16) is that that’s not always the case. 

I have friends that just finished high school and are making great money in their career paths and are so happy to be doing it. I have other friends that have committed themselves to schooling to do what they love and in some cases its needed. BUT I truly feel that YES going to school is never a bad thing… BUT I work with a lot of younger girls who are in their 17-20’s and when they tell me they are in school I ask (like anyone else) “for what,” in which case they tell me. Then I ask “what the next step when you graduate.” and you know what the TOP answer typically is “I don’t know yet.” Some of them even said the only reason they are going to school is because their parents gave them no choice.

These days kids are jumping into higher education when they are still trying to figure themselves out never mind what they want to do for the rest of their lives. I believe that its okay to take time off school if you don’t know what you want to do, Why waste thousands of dollars and be in so much debt to say at the end of the day “no i don’t know what I want to do yet…” I mean if you have the money and means to do so, then DO IT you have nothing to lose, but that’s very rare for the majority of those who are in college and uni.

So although I wanted to figure out my life (because I knew I wanted to get married and start a family etc..) I couldn’t because we had a hurdle when Steph died. My life and my boyfriends life had to immediately be put on hold to make sure the situation was taken care of (i.e.: his sister being sick, funerals etc..). Once that was finished, there was a bit of a domino effect where we then made the decision to raise McKayla together… as our own which lead us to legal action to secure that decision in the eyes of the government and court system. Then we had to make sure she had a place to feel like home in the midsts of this tragedy as well as work on making sure we can secure the right for her to see and interact with her siblings. These things do not take weeks or months, I’ve learned that the court system is a “few years” process. 

So 2.5 years later my boyfriend and I are now able to go back to our plan and put OUR plans into motion of what we need to do to get to our bigger pictures. He was able to start his business, and so far he’s been quite successful and seems to love what he’s doing. He still does his television work on the side so he does get the best of both worlds and I could be any happier for him.

I’ve settled into a career currently that allows me to coach and develop people, I”m able to impact my store visually and have participated in various store openings to set them up for success also. This little career I tripped into actually hasn’t been that bad, and I do like what i do (key word like). I like it because it allows me to be creative everyday and see the impact I can make with my marketing, placements, and structures. I’m able to still interact with people and help those younger girls I work with figure their stuff out also. I’ve basically become the “mom” of my store… A title that I didn’t know I had until some of the girls told me (I laughed).

I go home everyday feeling accomplished but I also go home everyday feeling like something is missing, and I feel like I can be doing MORE. So i’ve made some pretty BIG decisions (taking this online course being one of them) So I can also get on my own path and feel like my boyfriend feels. I already started to re-structure some things, for instance I’ve started to write and talk about the gym a lot more. I loved going to the gym it was something that made me feel so great. Although I’m not doing martial arts, I still love feeling strong and while doing so I have a great gym partner who is on the same page as me when it comes to training. 

I’ve decided to try and do a little more for me, those of you who have kids would understand it’s very easy to lose yourself in what your doing… You need to make time for you, and although I love my ready-made family I still need some me time so i try and do that with my friends here and there. 

The bigger picture will come in december when things are finalized but for right now know the Vlogs haven’t been happing as much because I have no time to put them together, BUT I will make some time in december for Vlogmas!! Until then hopefully you can keep reading my blog posts (because I really do love writing and trying to connect with you all). I didn’t realize I had so many readers from all over so THANK you so much for joining me here!!!

Christina 😀

9 Fridays Until Christmas?

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Where the heck has the time gone, my last blog post was October 6th, and we are now almost to Halloween!!!! You know when you have so much to do.. and then when you have a second to do it you’re like distracted and do other things? BASICALLY has been me putting off this blog post. SO much to talk about and update you guys on!!!

Firstly, I have my squat up to 115lbs not too shabby I think I’ve noticed that my weight hasn’t changed on the scale BUT I do see changes in certain things. My legs are becoming much more shaped, my butt isn’t as hard as I would like BUT it’s also shaping up well. I’ve managed to get my dead lifts to 105lbs and my bench press to 75lbs!!! All and all gym wise I’m so happy with my progression. Although I’m getting old, my muscle remembers where it should be and I’m a little more sore now a days doing this then I was when I was like 23 haha!!! The gym has really been a fantastic outlet for stress, whenever I”m beeping a bit negative I just sweat it out. I lift a little harder, I move a little faster, I train a little longer you know? PLUS Having a great gym partner helps also, and keeps you motivated and when your having an off day they really push you forward a bit. 

So their is a little gym update for you… 

Another thing I want to talk about is HOW CRAZY SOME OF YOU WOMEN ARE WHEN IT COMES TO SPENDING MONEY ON MAKE UP!!!! HAHA!! I fell absolutely in love with this lip stain called Marvellous Mauve. I obviously asked this beauty guru where she purchased such a beautiful colour and she says “Sephora.” Her advice was to check online because they often sell out of this product in the store. SO I ventured out into the world of Sephora in search of this beautiful lip stain. I pulled it up online and saw it was $18.00 i was like.. that’s not horrible I guess… I then notice that I can get free shipping if my purchase is over $50.00 so because I saw a few things I wanted to try I thought I would actually see how much it all was (I wanted to try a primer, maybe a new foundation, and maybe another lip colour). NO WAY did I think of HOW crazy expensive a primer was never mind certain foundations. I literally ended up getting this no bleed lip liner (because I’m a newb and not even confident to put lip liner on in an actual colour) and I got another lip colour (Sephora Brand “Meet My Pink”)… It cost me $50 something for the three… plus tax!!! INSANE! You Beauty Gurus are just insane… But I guess if its something you love… then spend the money.. I mean if I wanted a specific kind of ice cream … I would probably pay that lets be honest! HAHA!!!

I’m starting to get in touch more with my girly side, I’ve been fiddling a lot with different shadow colours, checking out different beauty gurus on youtube, and just asking those around me who seem to have it together when it comes to make up!!! 🙂 Is that weird that I flat out asked someone what colour they were wearing because I wanted to totally copy the colour? Or would that be a complete compliment??? I guess if I wasn’t weird about it, it shouldn’t be weird right??? haha!!

I’m still in search for a decent primer and a decent foundation, and I might invest in that weird sponge thing.. I think it’s called a beauty blender… I’ve read/heard good things about it. 

I’m so stoked because Lush is starting to get some of their christmas stuff in, my favourite bubble bar “Candy Mountain” has been stocked and I think i’m going to stock up!!!

I absolutely LOVE mixing some of the Candy Mountain bubble bar with the twilight bath bomb and a little bit of the marshmallow moment bath melt.. SOOO AMAZING!!! Add that to some hot hot water, set some candle around your bath with some good background music and you have your own at home spa/hot tub! SOOO good!

Anyone stressing about Christmas yet??? I know I know.. shhhh don’t talk about Christmas, but lets really rip the bandaid off the subject shall we? Because realistically Christmas is only 9 fridays away isn’t it? I know I just made that $h!T REAL! HAHA!! But seriously, so many people stress about Christmas, you know what I LOVE to do during the Christmas season… BAKE! I seriously miss baking as much as I did around this time. When in retail your life is spend helping people who are stressing about Christmas feel good about their purchases and helping them get the right gifts on their lists or the pictures their children has emailed them. I remember cutting what I want out of flyers so my parents knew what they were looking for, now a days kids just shoot their parents a text and say “hey i want this…” haha! Crazy.. But I love to bake during christmas, I will pick 5 or 6 new things I want to try and get a bake on. I love making custom christmas cards for those close to me (which by the way I’ve recently ordered)! I also love to receive Christmas cards, I love seeing everyone over the holidays, I love wearing my PJ’s for the majority of the day on Christmas… and on Christmas eve I love having a few Christmas drinks with the fan jam… 

Anyways… as I finish this up I have to get things ready tomorrow McKayla has picture day and my goal is to curl her hair and make it look super cute… FINGERS CROSSED, neither one of us are morning people…. so…


My Love/Hate for Leg Day

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95lb Squat

95lb Squat

Hello everyone who is reading this, thanks for stopping in to give this blog a little read!

Went to the gym Monday and my gym partner and I decided Monday was a great day to make “Leg Day.” I LOVE leg day I really really do, BUT the after effects of leg day sometimes are a little intense. For instance, after your work out you feel like at any moment your legs are going to go to mush and your going to fall on that bum of yours. OR the next day (for some people two days after leg day) your bracing yourself to pee, forget public toilets there will be no squatting for any women who did a leg work out and is feeling the soreness of the work out. 

This week I added five pounds to my lift, my gym partner decided she was going to do the same so we are both squatting 95lbs right now which is a good start I think. It’s funny as I’m writing that number some people are probably like “THAT’S IT? REALLY?” I think they forget that Rome wasn’t built in a day and being able to lift heavy doesn’t happen over night. So I think for someone who hasn’t been in the gym for a long time, and my partner who’s never done any lifting like this really in her life THIS is a great start to week two. My goal is to lift heavier then I did before I stopped lifting, so before I stopped going to cross fit and working out I was squatting 195lbs for 4 sets of 5. So I want to be doing 200lbs that’s my squatting goal. 

We actually did dead lifts Monday as well, we are working on my partners grips, she’s finding it hard to hold the bar

Killing the Dead Lifts

Killing the Dead Lifts

because of the pain it causes on her hands. I’m sure some of you know the ripping and tearing at your skin as you hold this heavy weight in front of you. SO any gripping advice you can give us will be awesome. We were dead lifting 95lbs as well, before I stopped working out I was dead lifting 145lbs, so I definitely want to get back to that.

We also did some leg presses using the machine. I’m going to tell you that machine freaks me out, even when I put the guards up I worry something is going to malfunction and it will crush me, does anyone else ever have that weird feeling haha…Probably not, its probably just me (its okay you can tell me i’m crazy.. your probably right ha)!

So I vowed to up my weight each week, now I forget what the machine pushy (yes I said pushy) thing weighs I can’t remember what my gym partner’s boyfriend said BUT anywhoo including the weight of that pushy thing I was leg pressing 135lbs! I felt good but I also felt the jello effect set in. 

That moment your done "Leg Day"...

That moment your done “Leg Day”…

THEN if that wasn’t good enough we decided to do 50 weighted lunges, so we grabbed a 30lbs bar put it on our shoulders and began to do 50 weighted lunges. I would say once we got to 25 our legs got a case of the wobbles. We broke it up into 25, 15 and 10. Taking a minute rest between reps sets! 

I started an album on my Facebook page (link is to the right of this blog post), in that album I will be posting a few random gym pictures and progression pictures a long the way!

Thanks for reading



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Okay everyone, I made it through my first FULL gym week! I know it must seem like I’ve been hitting the gym longer then a week but its true. BUT I think getting into the routine and taking that time out for yourself and actually going that first week is probably the hardest. 

SO some positives that I’ve noticed are my muscles are remembering where they belong. They are saying “hey fat you don’t belong here we are going to move back into our places.” I see things starting to take shape a little bit. I did read somewhere that you can’t let the scale define you, I said on my previous blog that my goal is to look how I WANT to look, not look at the scale and feel accomplished. Truth is, with what I’m going to be doing my weight may always seem heavy on a sale because I want to be strong, and shaped NOT skinny. 

No offence to you reading this who are skinny, your so lucky to have the body you do and others wish they had it but I just want to be super strong and shaped strong. 

I’ve noticed that through the week I have had far more energy to do things, I can’t even sit still an lounge around because I feel like  I should be doing something with my time. I find it easier to wake up in the morning and go do what I need to do or go to work. Where before I wouldn’t want to get up. 

Obviously with the positives I have I also have some “opportunities” (I don’t want to say negatives because it sounds so… well negative.).

I need to push a little more, sometimes although I’m pushing through a work out if it wasn’t for my gym partner I probably would have given up certain things. She definitely keeps me in check when it comes to saying “I can’t.” I need to really want it and remember WHY I’m there when I feel like I can’t do something.

I”ve been looking up some work outs we can do online and modifying them for our gym. The other day we did a Kettle Bell work out that I modified with using dun bells. The gym we are at does not have kettle bells so I was able to find a way to still get the same effect using different equipment we did have. 

We did this work out in 18 minutes and did 5 sets with rest in between. I’m not going to lie my legs were toast that night. The next day I decided I wasn’t going to relax and I wanted to go on a hike at the Niagara Glenn. My legs were so tired and the hills and climbing at the Glenn were not nice (BUT I did it anyways). 

Goal for this upcoming week is to add more weight on to my lifts. I want to add an extra five pounds to my squat, press, dead lift, and bench press. 

I also want to make sure anytime I am on the treadmill I need to burn off 300 calories before I get off of it. I want to lower my time each week which will mean increasing my treadmill speed. 

My Gym partner and I had a rowing competition, who would row 1000m faster, let me tell you she gave me a run for my money. PLUS I hate hate hate rowing, I literally wanted to cry the entire time we were rowing haha. BUT I want to challenge each other more this week. It’s always fantastic to have that friendly competition. 

In other non-gym related things the Niagara Glenn was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I want to go back for another hike this week sometime or on another day off. I will have a VLOG coming for that day, I just need to sit down and edit it but it will be on my YouTube channel for you guys in a few days hopefully.

To be that close to the Niagara rapids was simply amazing, you could hear the power of those waters and can’t help but give props to mother nature. I posted pictures from my hike on my Facebook page for you guys!


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